It's Quicksand! Volume 1

The first release from the 2007 shooting season, this DVD features six full scenes plus six short, mock commercials. This release stars non other than Brinke Stevens, and features new models/actresses Taylor and Damien. Running time roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Featured Scenes

Taylor's First Time  11

Watch as Taylor experiences deep mud and sinking for the first time. She is nervous at first but soon comes to appreciate the virtues of deep clay as she sinks all the way under.


Damien's Daydream Fantasy 12

 Damien is a quicksand girl who goes to her favorite quagmire and experiences her daydream fantasy. Finding herself tied up, she manages to escape and flee into the forest, losing her top in the process and with her captor in pursuit. Things go from bad to worse, (or is it from arousing to orgasmic?) Is she frightened or is she aroused as the mire climbs her chest, shoulders, neck, and more?


The Telltale Bubbles 13

Brinke Stevens plays a murderess who has used a quicksand pit near her home to dispose of a body. Awakened by the sound of bubbles rising from the pit, she has no choice but to investigate. Is the pit turning up the body where it might be discovered or is her imagination running fatally wild?

Search for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker 14

Taylor is an avid, and very competitive bird watcher. The experts have warned birders to search for the rare Ivory-bill in groups and only in the winter, but the possibility of being the first to sight this rare bird in forty years is just too much to resist. She does sight the bird but the world will probably never see any confirming evidence.



Brinke's Photo Shoot 15

Brinke arrives at Studio 588 for a photo shoot in the mud. All goes sinkingly well until the entire crew becomes totally distracted after the mail arrives. The entire crew was fired after this but we don't quite know what happened to Brinke.


Slides from Brinke's Photo Shoot 17

 A slide presentation of the actual stills taken during Brinke's Photo Shoot, including a few after the crew wandered off.

Bonus Material

Six mock commercial announcements, all starring Brinke Stevens. These have to be seen to be believed. One ad is the winning entry in the Spring 2007 contest run by Studio 588 for the best idea for a commercial featuring quicksand. Kudoes to Digger for the entry.