It's Quicksand !   Volume 3

The series continues with six more sinking scenes and no less than eight mock ads and/or one liners. This video features Taylor, Brinke, and Damien, already featured in volumes 1 and 2, and introduces Stephanie. Look for Stephanie in several volumes yet to come.

Stephanie's First Time 25

Stephanie is introduced to the mud and to the audience. She takes to the mud pretty well and we think the audience will take to her even better.


 Das Boots - Damien 26

The saga continues as Damien discover the mysterious boots stuck in the peat bog. Something is really weird about this particular peat bog.

Taylor Encounters a Mud Bog 27

This one originally had a different title but things worked out differently than intended. At any rate, Taylor encounters a mud bog and has a very erotic time with it.

Out of Gas - Again! 28

This one is a very loose sequel to a scene several years back in which Brinke ran out of gas and had a little trouble with quicksand trying to cut across country for more. This time Brinke just happens to run out of gas again, while her successful rival for a new job assignment is a passenger in her car. She seems to know just which path to head down to get gas. Odd that she should know that.

Damien's Photo Shoot 29

Damien does a quicksand photo shoot at Studio 588.

  Slides from Damien's Photo Shoot 30

The slides, taken by two photographers, from Damien's shoot.

Bonus Material

This DVD also features eight mock ads and/or one-liners for your entertainment.

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