Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 57

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Gumball Sacrifice_Elvira   856

Visiting Psychic World JungleLand, Elvira puts a quarter into the gumball machine at the Bar and Grill, and is instantly transported deep into the jungle. There she encounters an odd medicine man who persistantly thanks her for agreeing to be the sacrifice - until she does agree.

Baby Oil and Mud_BaileeJ  857

BaileeJ goes to her favorite mud pit where she oils herself down and enjoys a hot wallow. Very hot.

Pubst Bok of World Records 858

Being very bored, Stefani searches the internet for something interesting. When she finds a page about a book of world records she gets the idea to break a record. First she finds a record for the most topless jumping jacks and tries a few. Rejecting that as too uncomfortable she finds another record for the fastest time to cross through two quicksand pits. She calls up the manager of Studio 588, even though it is the off season and makes arrangements for the automatic cameras to be turned on. Unfortunately for her the pits turn out to be rather dangerous in the off season.

Drunk_Elizabeth   859

Elizabeth does her version of the story of a drunk, leaving a rural bar on foot after her keys have been taken away. She never really does figure out that although alcohol and driving do not mix well, neither does alcohol and going on foot through a quicksand-invested forest.

The Last battle of WWV   860

Natalie and Samantha are the last two survivors of the fifth world war. Even though this takes place in the future they are dressed as cave girls because life has been reduced to cave-dweller conditions. They are stalking each other. When they encounter each other a fight ensues (with some really good fist-fight sound effects) and eventually progresses to a bog. At the end, however, they make peace - neither has any idea what the war (or wars) have been about.

The Hula Hoop Contest   861

Stefani gets an invitation to a hula hoop contest, which she has long wanted. She head to the forest, where the contest is to take place. Along the way she manages to lose her hoop. When she finds it, it is stuck in the middle of a bog. Of course, she tries to recover it, but manages to fall in. In the end, she is able to use the hoop to snag a plant along the edge and crawl out.

The Birdwatcher_Stormy   862

Stormy is so intent on looking at birds through her binoculars that she blunders right into a bog. She is able to haul herself out but makes the same mistake and blunders into a second, and much deeper, bog.

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