Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 58

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Three is Not a Crowd     863

Brittany and Karma decide to try to seduce someone named Fred by pretending to be trapped in the mud pit in the forest behind the house. They lure Fred to the area with a story about having a leaky garden sprinkler. They get into the mud and have a pretty good time, calling out occasionally in mock terror to Fred, who does ot seem to have arrived. When fred finally does arrive they admit they were in no danger and invite him into the mud, but whatever transpired is after the video concludes.

How To Do A Quicksand Scene_2    864

This is a different scene from another "How to" scene, also featuring Stefani. This one was originally planned to be one of a series in which different aspects of do such scenes is explained in a narrative and demonstrated by Stefani (topless, of course). It covers entries, types of scenes, and submergences.

Bootcamp Breakout    865

Bailee and Neveah have escaped from a brutal, criminal bootcamp and are on the run. They can hear the bloodhounds in the distance.  They get separated and Neveah gets stuck trying to cross what turns out to be a bog. Bailee finds her and tries to help but gets stuck herself. By the time the searching guards arrive there is nothing left on the surface except their gun.

Das Boots_Jordana   866

While hiking, Jordana discovers a nice peair of boots stuck in a peat bog. She tries to salvage them but ends up in the bog herself.

Tourguide and Trainee    867

Hannah is a six-year veteran as a tour guide and Karma is a trailee. Hannah is supposedly showing Karma what to point out to visitors although it is apparent that Hannah knows less than nothing about the forest. As they try to skirt around the edges of a mud pit, Hannah falls in. Then Karma falls in trying to help. Both are able to get out (Karma twice) but both end up falling back in, and going under.

Elvira's Sink Tease    868

Elvira does her version of the sink/strip tease in a clay pit.

Proving Ground    869

Stefani has spent years developing a multi-featured, back yard mud pit, and the prototype is now ready for the second round of testing. She is going to test level 3 (thickness), level 4 (suction bursts), and level 5 (vibrations); the last two while topless. The pit turns out to need some adjustments and she escapes after being pulled under only because the mechanism blows a fuse.

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