Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 59

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Super Common Sense   870

Katie and Brittani are super heros using their special powers to fight evil, but when they fall into quicksand those powers are not of much use. Eventually they figure out they need to use common sense to get themselves out.

Sunbathers Find Mudpit  871

Karma, Alix, and Athena are sunbathers looking for a special sunbathing spot. Instead they accidentally find a clay pit. Led by Karma they go right in. They have a really good time, until it starts getting really deep under Alix and Athena. As things turn out, finding the mudpit was not so accidental - karma has done in others before. And she will again.

What a Long, Strange Trip Its Been  872

Nyssa and Stormy are out in the forest looking for hallucinogenic mushrooms, although it is apparent they have already consumed quite a bit. They seem to think that the schrooms grow in pits of mud-like material so when they find a peat bog they go right in. No muchrooms are found and they eventually lose their buzzes and escape.

Quicksand Star Tribute   873

Stefani films herself in a deep mudbog as a tribute to quicksand film stars and as an audition to be one herself.

Misty gets Even  874

On a rainy day, Elvira goes to a friend's house as a cat sitter for Misty. But Elvira does not like Misty and Misty does not like Elvira. Misty gets out and leds Elvira to her doom in a clay pit.

Bootshoot_Elizabeth   875

Elizabeth is a model for a photoshoot about thigh high glossy boots. The shoot is interrupted when the photographer has to leave for an emergency, telling her not to wander off. She wanders off. She steps around in some sticky, very shallow mud and then falls in. The photographer eventually returns and finds her but it turns out her sinking under was her intent all along.

Volcanoi sacrifice  876

Debbie has committed some sort of taboo violation and believes the only way she can avoid her tribe being wiped out by a volcano, already rumbling, is to sacriifice herself in the volcanic mud pot near the village.

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