Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 60

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Screamer   877

An avant-garde, silent scene about two young women running from something that terrifies them. This scene is intentionally silent.

Car breakdown Nightmare  878

Stefani's car breaks down on a lonely cuntry road, with her dressed for a party. She hides when she hears another car coming, fearing what could occur, but after the car passes her own car has vanished. This happens again and this time the road has vanished. The nightmare continues through an encounter with quicksand.

PirateLand Tryout  879

Angelique returns to PirateLand, seeking to join the pirates, but they do not remember her. They decide to treat her like any non-pirate they catch, an experienece she enjoys for the most part.

Giant African Snails 880

Brittani and Blair are volunteers in an effort to reduce the population of an invasive species of giant snail. The snails live in bogs. The volunteers end up falling in. Human volunteers, of course, do not live in bogs - for long.

Arkansas' Dumbest Criminals: The Chicken Poachers  881

Hannah and Karma play a pair of criminals who make Earnest T look quite bright. The are looking to poach chickens from Farmer Brown's farm, although they seem to expect to find them hiding in a bog. They fall in and seem to have a pretty good time until nearly under.

Initiation_Athena 882

Athena wants to join a sorority. The intiation ritual, she is told, is to stay out all night in the forest nearly naked. As soon as she is left alone the mosquitos begin to attack. She falls into a mud bog trying to escape the bugs. Terrified at first, her emotion changes to frustration when she realizes she is no longer sinking but is quite stuck. Then she figures out how to move around and crawls out. The bugs return, so she gets back in and spends the night having a pretty good time in the mud.

Das Boots_Persephone  883

Persephone is hiking and finds a pair of boots stuck in a peat bog. She HAS to have those boots and tries without success to pull them out. In the process she slips into the bog. She does not escape either.

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