Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 61

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

The Orange Bog Orchid_Katie   884

While hiking, Katie discovers a rare orange orchid growing in a bog. She tries to retrieve it but falls in. What she never figures out, and her teacher probably didn't now either, is that the flower is just a small part of a very large carnivorous plant, most of which is indistinguishable from a peat boog.

Muffy the Bloodsucker Sinker  885

Rachelle is a bloodsucker hunter and Brittani plays a bloodsucker (complete with Valleygirl accent). Rachelle is chasing Brittani. When Rachelle comes to a mud bog she assumes Brittani is hiding under the surface and goes in with her wooden stake. Later, Brittani appears at the edge to taunt rachelle as she sinks. Brittani even enters the bog while Rachelle sinks but later crawls out. Bloodsuckers 1, Hunters 0.

Justice is Muddy_Stormy, Nyssa, and Fred  886

Fred runs an illegal still, Stormy is his girlfriend and sells the stuff. Nyssa helps out. Fred is a drunken lut, however. There is an argument, after which Stormy hears Fred calling Nyssa to say that as of now she is IN and Stormy is OUT. Stormy then kills Fred with a gun and disposes of the body in a convenient quicksand pit. Later, Nyssa comes to the house and is forced by Stormy to go to the quicksand pit. Nyssa is pushed in. There is a good deal of pleading and negotiating but Stormy wants it all. Nyssa goes under. A few seconds later, there is a jerk on the rope used to sink Fred and that happens to be fouled around Stormy's foot. She falls in and suffers the same fate as Nyssa. Somewhere in the forest there is a still that no one owns.

Catfight 887

Hex Hypoxia and Magenta have a wild catfight that ends with both of then topless and sinking.

Tip's Muddy Webcam  888

Tip does a webcam routine featuring a mud bog.

Meet me at the Pool 889

Hannah is at home, hoping for a call from Fred. When he finally calls she invites him to meet her after dark "at the pool" behind the place where she is staying. She then goes to what is rally a mud pit. She strips off her top and gets in. Halfway through her pleasure wallow Fred finally shows up. It turns out she is very much "into" mud and wants to get him to join her. He declines, for tonight, but admits the whole thing is pretty sexy.

Rejected Aid    890

Stefani is being chased by an angry tribe after they rejected her attempts to bring them aid. In the process of fleeing she encounters a pair of totems she figures may mark a boundary her pursuers will not cross. It turns out she is right as the totems are a warning sign.



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