Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 62

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Workout World   891

Rachelle does a spoof of a rediculously enthusiastic exercise instructor and of exercise videos in general. She starts out with some floor type exercises complete with cleavage shot, then goes jogging. The jogging trail leaves her to a mud pit, which is not supposed to be one of the WorkoutWorld exercise venues. She keeps exercising as she sinks deeper and goes under.

Marriage and Divorce, Stuffy Style  892

Fred and Elizabeth are in a very formal and obviously not very happy marriage. As the scene begins they are silently having dinner, at opposite ends of a lengthy, formal table. We then alternate back and forth between her daydream (being in quicksand and using that to finally get his attention) and his daydream (her sinking and going under in quicksand. This scene is very loosely derived from the Italian movie, Divorce, "Italian Style."

Das Boots_Crystal     893

On a hile Crystal discovers a pair of what appears to be very nice boots stuck in a peat bog. With no one around to claim the boots she decides to rescue them for herself. In the end, though, she gets stuck and sinks.

Lucid Dream 2_Jordana    894

Jordana begins having strange and embarrasing wardrobe malfunctions at the office. Her boss, Mr Fred actually walks in on her while she is completely topless, and fails to notice. When she finally realizes she is dreaming she tells off Mr Fred and takes the afternoon off to go play in a quicksand pit. That bit is a dream is further confirmed when Mr Fred arrives at the quicksand pit and doubles her salary rather than firing her.

Coming Out     895

Samantha "comes out" to LiiLii, revealing that she has a strong attraction to wallowing in deep mud. She suggests LiiLii come along to see what its all about. The result is a lengthy and very enjoyable wallow for both of them. And for us.

Sassy Sami's Daytime Photo Shoot 896

Video of a daytime photo shoot at Studio 588 featuring Sassy Sami as the model and with quicksand as the venue and theme.

Sleepwalker_Rachelle and Brinke    897

Rachelle has a problem with sleepwalking. She gets up and sleepwalks right out the back door and into the forest. Room mate Brinke is alerted and goes after her. When Rachelle is found she is chest deep in a deep clay pit. The tops come off to attempt making a rescue rope but in the end Brinke falls in. Both go under.

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