Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 63

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Show Me   898

Stefani teaches Karma how to do a Sink Tease scene by doing one with her, so this is effectively an instructional sink tease. They tease each other a bit as well, making very hot scene.

Das Boots_Kindle  899

Whie hiking, Kindle finds a pair of boots stuck in a bog and tries to get them out for herself. She falls in, however, and the bogs sucks her down.

Samantha's First Time  900

This scene is a video of Samantha Grace getting instruction on how to do a quicksand scene. It was filmed several years ago and really is her first experience in deep mud. As Samantha subsequently did a large number of such scenes, and continues to do so, this scene may be of particular interest. First time scenes such as this one should also be of interest to anyone, also inexperienced, contemplating coming to Studio 588 to shoot scenes.

Athena's Sink Tease

Athena does her interpretation of the sink and strip tease.

Mosquito Control  902

Elvira is checking mosquito traps, looking to measure the number of a particular kind of mosquito that carries a new illness. Checking with headquarters she is informed that new information says these mosquitos prefer to be around mud rather than water and that there is a mud pit nearby. She finds the mudpit and starts to install the traps. But then her foot gets stuck, ankle deep. From this point on she sinks slowly but steadily all the way under. This scene will be noted for its slow but steady sink.

Serendipity Trail_Hannah 903

Out on a hike, Hannah blunders into a bog. She is panicky at first. Then that changes to frustration as she realizes she is no longer sinking but is quite stuck up to her neck. Then after she figures out how to move and free herself she discovers that deep mud can be very enjoyable

Drunk_Karma  904

Karma tries to walk home from a country bar after they have taken her keys. There is a pair of peat bogs in the way however. A high-energy struggle ensues but the bog wins. This scene will be remembered for what I think most will see as a spectacular submergence,

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