Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 64

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Sunken Loot_Nyxon   905

Nyxon plays an ex-con, now released, from a gang that hid its lot in a clay bog. She is on the way to that bog to claim the loot for herself before any other gang members are released. She finds the bog, and the rope to the stash of loot. She pulls on the rope but its too heavy. Maneuvering for a better grip she ultimately falls in when the half-sunken object she stands on shifts. There is no escape.

Sacrifice  906

A tribal woman makes a sacrifice of three valuable objects at a sacred pit of quicksand. Then her ankle is seized by a hidden vine and she is pulled in. And under. This scene is rather short in comparison to others.

Fireworks Times Two  907

Bailee gets a call from friends to join them for the fourth of July fireworks but she begs off. She has plans for some fireworks of her own. But when she gets to her favorite mudpit she encounters Nevaeh. After some embarrassed denial they admit they are both there for the mud. After that they enjoy a lengthy double fireworks show.

Orienteering Mess 908

Dixie and Samantha are competing as a team in an orienteering race. They seem to understand that orienteering has something to do with using a map and compass but not much else, and their understanding of those tools is pretty limited. They try to route themselves directly toward the finish line, which they thing is across a meadow. What they think is a meadow turns out to be a swamp. They escape from the peat bogs but not from the quick clay.

Red Shirt Mission  909

Ensign Elvira is beamed down to the surface of a planet on what is supposed to be a diplomatic mission. She is in a red dress and is supposed to attend a party, but Scotty appears to have done something wrong as she materializes in a jungle. Worse, her communicator does not work. Soon she blunders into a bog.

The Hats_Part 1 910

Inspired by an animation released last spring called "Country Girl's fate." This scene initially has Hannah discover a rather nice looking hat floating on the surface of a peat bog. Being a hat lover she tries to rescue it, but instead gets stuck and sinks, leaving her own hat floating on the surface. Next karma comes along and the same thing happens, leaving three hats on the surface as bait for possible future victims. And there WILL be future victims in at least two sequels.

Dr Boggs_Stefani and Savannah  911

Savannah is a patient in need of a root canal from Dr Boggs. She declines the anti-anxiety drug used to prevent vivid dreams during anesthesia. Stefani is Marsha, one of Dr Boggs' assistants. Savannah wakes up (dreams she wakes up) to find that Marsha is dressed differently and in the process of removing most of what she has on. Marsha invites Savannah to go outside, then to take off most of her clothes. They arrive at what looks like a peat bog while we hear the sounds of the suction machine in the dental office. Complete with bursts of fog and numerous references to things dental, the two enjoy a nice wallow, sinking deeper and eventually going under.

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