Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 65

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Sinking For Science   912

Angelique plays a graduate student in entomology searching the deep jungle for a new insect for her dissertation. She finds one, or so she thinks, but it is just out of reach in a muddy place. She ends up catching the bug but not until after she falls in. She realizes she can save the bug for science if she holds onto it but that will mean she goes under. Being a dedicated scientist that is what she does.

Alix's Sink Tease  913

Alix does her version of the simultaneous sink and strip tease.

Samy's First Time  914

Sassy Sami is given a lesson in how to perform a quicksand scene. This really was the first time for this model who went on to do quite a few scenes. As such this and other First Time scenes are good selections for anyone contemplating introducing a significant other to deep mud or deep mud scenes.

Strip Poker 915

Brittani and Blair are playing strip poker (actually the game might not have been poker but after each round something comes off). When most of their clothes are gone the bet goes to higher odds. If she loses, Brittani agrees to go into the big mud pit that Blair used to use a lot. Brittani loses. At the mud pit, Blair is so eager to see Brittani in the mud that she gives her a push. Brittani is instantly stuck but Blair does not take the situation seriously. Eventually Blair gets in herself and ultimately pushes Brittani under. And then its her turn, but in her case she is so turned on the goes under with pleasure.

Quicksand Bondage Shoot  916

Athena plays a model doing a bondage photo shoot in a deep clay pit. She is wearing only a bikini bottom and shackles. Karma is the photographer and is wearing nothing at all, unless the camera counts. The scene is a pretty straightforward video of a photo shoot and Karma really was taking pictures as the scene went on. As such, the camera clicks have been left in as part of the scene itself. Karma does not enter the mud in this one. There will be, however, another scene in which Karma is the muddy bondage model.

The Prison Escape gamne_Angelique and Chrissy 917

In prison on a life sentence, Angelique and Chrissy are offered a chance to play the prison escape game by the guards. They can go free if they can survive in the jungle for five nights. In spite of being told that of the fifty who have played before, one made it to the second night, the accept the challenge. Eventually, realizing they really have no chance at all they both basically say "Come and get me" to the jungle, even divesting themselves of their tops to make it even easier. Both succumb to quicksand, separately. This scene has as a relatively long buildup, with the sinking action starting about ten minutes in. Those who like the story-telling will want to watch the whole thing while others might want to skip forward - but rest assured the price is not affected by the length. This scene is noteworthy for a particularly slow final submersion by Chrissy as she lingers with her head fully tilted back with mud filling her eye sockets before finally going down.

Rope Trick 2  918

Nyssa performs for her video audience, doing an escape act. First she ties her ankles together, then her wrists, then slides into the quicksand. She must escape first from the ropes and then from the quicksand. Unfortunately for her the quicksand makes it impossible to get untied. This scene features a very slow final submergence.

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