Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 66

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Ribbit   919

Those who like a combination of absurd humor and hot-looking women will like this one. Magenta plays a witch, but not a very good one. She has apparently attempted to use a spell to create herself a pet. But, instead of the cat she would prefer, what she has produced looks like a human (Hex Hypoxia) who acts like a frog. You can guess where the frog goes when they pass by a bog. Then magenta tries to go into the bog to pursuade the from to stop trying to catch insects and come back to dry land. The scene idea is, of course, preposterous, but its well-acted and quite funny. And its certainly no more preposterous than the cheeze shop skit or the Samurai Delicatessen. One moment to not miss occurred spontaneously as the frog reacts with interest to the chirp of a real tree frog.

Initiation_Elvira  920

Elvira must go through an initiation of staying out in the jungle all night, topless, to become a member of the Touchtone Club. Moving around in the dark too fast, trying to escape the mosquitos, she falls into a mud bog. At first she is terrified, hen just frustrated when she discovers she is no longer sinking but just stuck. Then she figures out how to move and crawls out. The skeeters return immediately so she gets back in to escape them and has a pretty good time, finally crawling out as the sun comes up. Much of this scene features some very low lighting that changes as the moon comes up and then sunrise approaches.

The Stalker_Athena  921

A stalker is following Athena through the woods. She comes to a bog and walks around it. The stalker, played by the camera (you) is so intent on following Athena he blunders right into the bog. Suddenly Athena appears at the side of the bog. She taunts the stalker. She even strips to the waist, enters the bog, and crosses it toward the staler, but pushes him under at the end.

Bog Orchid_Stefani 922

On a hike Stefani discovers a rare bog orchid that only blooms once in 50 years. As she has left her camera behind she tries to harvest the flower, but the bog harvests her.

Worse For Better  923

Stormy's car breaks down for the third time on a country road. She spots what appears to be a gas station sign through the forest and tries to go there for help. Then it starts to rain and the forest turns into a swamp. She blunders into a peat bog. Realizing her clothes are weighing her down she takes off first he shoes and then her shirt. Immediately it stops raining, and from that point on everything shifts into a pleasure wallow. When she finally crawls out she comments to herself that she will come back to this spot and next time not wear a skirt.

Two Hikers 924

LiiLii and Holly are hiking. They have been warned that there is quicksand in the area, although they have never seen it. When they come to a wet area they are very careful, probing it with a stick to be sure its only a few inches deep. It IS only a few inches deep, for the first couple of feet, but then it gets suddenly deeper and Holly falls in. LiiLii tries to help. The two even try to make a rope out of their tops, but Holly is stuck. LiiLii tries to get in right at the edge to help but its no use. Both go under, first Holly and then LiiLii.

Dr Boggs_Nyssa  925

Nyssa goes to a Dr Boggs, an oral surgeon for a root canal. She declines the anti-anxiety medicine used to prevent strange dreams while under anesthesia. Needless to say she has quite a dream. She discovers, enters, and wallows in a pit of what she seems to think is toothpaste. At one point she steps into a cavity and sinks deeper. Also there are a lot of background noises getting through from the dental office, one of which was really some sort of saw being used by a neighbor while the scene was filmed. Another is the sound of the saliva suction device used in the dental office.

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