Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 67

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Crime Novel Research   926

Angelique is doing research for a crime novel she is writing. The novel involves a victim encased in cement so she seeks out a mud pit to get an idea what it might feel like. In the end she gets hopelessly stuck and sinks under. This scene was also written and directed by Angelique herself.

Archery Can Be Dangerous 927

Elvira has a new archery set. She is warned several times that archery can be dangerous. She shoots at a target but the arrow misses and goes into the woods. The finds the arrow planted in a mud pit. She tries to salvage it but ends up sinking.

The Owl of Decision 928

This one involves two tribal women (Taylor and Dark Dementia) who must stand at the edge of a quicksand pit, each having a small object resembling a mouse placed on top of a totem pole. If the Owl of Decision swoops down and takes either object, the owl will have selected which of the two must be shoved into the mire. When Taylor is selected and is pushed in Dark Dementia gloats and teases. She has neglected the possibility of the owl returning. That is what happens. This scene was also something of an experiment in "day for night" video, which means filmed during daylight but rendered as a night scene. The result is a little bit darker than I would like, although that does contribute, I think, to the drama.

Roomies Forever 929

This one is called "Roomies Forever" and features Brittani and Rachelle Williams as two roommates who irritate each other quite a lot. One takes the other to the nearby mudpit to "show her how to use it for her skin," but one poushes the other in and is then pulled in herself. They both escape in the end although Rachelle is blackmailed into becoming Brittani's permanent slave (due to Brittani finding out about several previous roommates now in the bog. This scene is noteworthy for some interesting undulations of the bog surface itself, which was very thick that day (this was the third scene filmed during the 2015 season and the first in the peat.

Criminals - Bail and Run  930

This one features Dixie Comet and Crystal Frost" as a pair of crooks on the run from the police. They bail from their car and run off into the woods. The police never do find them but they find the quicksand. A very nice final submergence struggle by Dixie.

Reading Room_Blair 931

The scene starts out with Blair exploring Psychic World JungleLand. Arriving at the outdoor Reading Room, she selects a story and begins to read. The story is about an industrial spy, also named Blair. She breaks into a factory and nearly escapes, but the alarms go off at the last minute. At this point, Blair the reader suddenly finds herself Blair the spy, fleeing through the forest behind the factory. She takes off her shirt and leaves it behind in an attempt to avoid the chasing dogs. That seems to work but then she blunders into a peat bog. She does not get out.

Das Boots_Karma  932

The plot is the usual Das Boots. This one will be noted for two things. First, the high energy of Karma Ford. And second, although this is not a topless scene, she is not wearing anything under her rather short shorts.

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