Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 68

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Lucid Dream 12  933

This one starts with Stormy participating in an online chat. She complains that her work situation is like being trapped in quicksand. Shortly after that she falls asleep at the keyboard. Later she wakes up (so she thinks) and she rushes out the door thinking she is late for work. A few seconds later she plunges into a mud bog. [After all she did say her work situation was like quicksand.] She flails about in panic for a short while but then realizes the mud is not so bad and she begins to enjoy it. That it is a dream becomes apparent to her and she takes full advantage. This scene will be noted for several minutes of some very interesting backlighting that gives the mud an almost tar-like appearance.

The Price of Gold   934

Stefani has spent 20 years in prison after stealing, but hiding, a million dollars in gold ingots. She hid the gold in a bag at the end of a long rope concealed in a pit of quicksand. Now she is out and goes to retrieve the loot. After hauling up and unloading the bag of gold she foolishly stuff the ingot into her pockets. She is aware of the risk should she slip into the mire but loses her balance and falls in just the same. She does not last long.

Catfight 935

This ferocious catfight begins at a table in an outdoor restaurant and escalates very rapidly. After they pull each other's tops down the fight moves to a forest trail, the edge of a mud pit, and in the mud(quicksand) pit. Fans of topless mud wrestling ought to like this one too as the muddy wrestling gets intense for a bit. One might presume they are still fighting somewhere under the surface.

Orange Bog Orchid_LiiLii    936

LiiLii tries to harvest a rare, orange flower from what appears to be a wet spot. The wet spot turns out, of course, to be a DEEP wet spot and its the bog that harvests LiiLii.

Stimulating Facial Cream    937

Just before going to bed, Angelique applies some new facial skin cream described on the label as "stimulating." She then has a very stimulating dream in which she wakes up by the side of a peat bog. She gets in, of course, so it isn't just Angelique who gets the stimulation.

Straightjacket Abduction   938

At a rural bar, Neveah has drugged Bailees's drink (although BaileeJ has consumed quite a bit anyway). When she passes out she picks up BaileeJ and dumps her into the drunk of her car. A short while later, BaileeJ is waist deep in quick clay and Neveah is watching from the side. It seems that BaileeJ is not Neveah's first victim. Note that despite being a duet scene, only BaileeJ sinks in this one. BasileeJ is not all that large as a person but its still impressive to see her lifted bodily by Neveah and carried to the car.

Faked Suicide_Angelique  939

Angelique has managed to embezzle a very large pile of money from the local children's hospital fund, but knows the authorities are tracking her down. To get away she has parked a car on one side of a swamp and then driven to the other side. Leaving a suicide note, she hikes to a peat quicksand bog. She goes into the bog but crawls out the other side, so faking a suicide, then heads to the other car, the airport, and a flight out of the country. Unexpectedly, she encounters a pit of quick clay within sight of her car. She tries to go around it but falls in. In the end, justice is served.

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