Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 69

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Fluffy  940

Totally exhausted after a hard day's work, Debbie tries to get some sleep. Suddenly she is awakened (or dreams she is awakened) by the cries of her long lost cat Fluffy. Its coming from outside. She goes outside hoping that Fluffy has come home. If its really Fluffy, however, some considerable growth has taken place and Fluffy is stalking her. She follows the cries to the nearby swamp, where she is pushed into the quicksand from behind by whatever Fluffy has become.

Cinderella Sinks   941

Karma, as Cinderella, is hard at work scrubbing the kitchen floor while everyone else is having fun sinking in various bogs when her fairy godmother, played by Stefani. Karma has stayed home because she is afraid she will be sucked under if she goes to the bogs. Her fairy godmother gives her a way she can sink, without going under, but warns her she must leave the mud by noon. Karma has a terrific time sinking in the clay but doesn't make it out in time.

Bee Tree   942

Natalie is a cave girl trying to get some honey from a bee tree. She is halfway up the tree and standing on a horizontal branch when she loses her balance. Naturally there is a pit of quicksand right under the tree. Quicksand was a lot more common back in cave girl times. After she falls in things get even worse when some sort of mud monster begins pulling down on her leg. Toward the end she is pulled under, comes back up, and gets pulled under again.

Lucid Dream 1_Bailee   943

Bailee experiences strange wardrobe malfunctions while driving on a deserted gravel road. She is completely confused until she realizes it is a dream. To verify the dream she decides she will find a nice quicksand pit if she gets out and walks fifty steps into the forest, casting away her top along the way. Sure enough there it is at exactly fifty steps. From that poi9nt she has a pleasurable wallow, complete with two submergences.

A Bowl of Nuts   944

Fred plays a customer at the Psychic World JungleLand Bar and Grill. He orders a bowl of nuts, and that is exactly what is delivered. Hannah and Karma are a pair of nuts having a wild, and quite naked, time in a quick clay pit.

Naked and Alone_Bailee   945

Bailee is a contestant in a game of Naked and Alone - remember the TV show with a similar name? - and must survive five days in the jungle almost naked. Needing water and discovering a bog she attempts to get some water but slips in. She is frightened, of course, but finds a vine just after going entirely under. From that point on she has a good time.

Das Boots_Athena   946

Out hiking, Athena discovers a pair of boots stuck in a peat bog. She wants those boots!!! No matter how hard she tugs, however, they won't budge. Eventually she slips in. The bog wants her!!!. And it gets her.

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