Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 70

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Fifty Shades of Quicksand   947

In this rare Studio 588 trio, Athena plays a dominatrix and Alix and Karma play her subs. The scene begins with Athena releasing the other two from their dungeon (aka the Studio 588 tornado shelter) and taking them for a switch-regulated walk. She brings them to a mud pit, the makes them get in and spread mud all over themselves. Then she gets in. Peace seem to be established for a short while until Athena suddenly steps into a very deep spot. Her demands for assistance are then ignored, leaving her under the mud and the other two free.

Deep Bog Wrestling   948

DBE Inc (Deep Bog Entertainment) presents a wrestling match in a deep peat bog. The wrestlers must fight in the mud, topless, and with one arm held behind the back. Its the best of three falls with a fall defined as being forced completely under the surface. Of course it ends in a tie with both missing from the picture.

Who Forgot the Cell Phone   949

Angelique and Chrissy play two models on their way to a photo shoot at a rural location.
Their car runs out of gas although they are close, or they think they are close to the location they want. All they need to do is call and help will be on the way. Except that Chrissy has lost her cell phone. And Angelique's cell phone is back at the motel. They try to walk to a farmhouse they saw off the road. There happens to be a swamp in the way however and they both get stuck. And they both sink. This scene will be noted for a very slow simultaneous submersion, mostly in split-screen.

Ashes to Ashes   950

Rachelle and Brittani play two sisters who's difficult Aunt Ruby has just died. It seems that Aunt Ruby may have been into sinking, as it specifies in her will that to inherit her substantial fortune they must scatter her ashes in a specific mud pit that she used to (supposedly) frequent. They also have to get into the mudpit to mix in the ashes. They do as specified but then discover themselves to be quite stuck - and still sinking. Is it possible that someone else may have inserted the fatal specification into the will? Probable? A near certitude? This

Drunk_Rockelle   951

Rockelle leaves a rural bar very drunk. She cannot find her keys (they took them away at the bar but when your that drunk you remember such details. She tries to walk home. Discovering what she seems to think is a weird swimming pool she heads right in. Once stuck she drifts back and forth between confused pleasure and fear.

Shooting Star   952

After seeing and being distracted by a shooting star, while walking in the forest one night, Hannah blunders into a peat bog. Initially she is panic stricken. After sinking to her neck the panic turns to frustration as she realizes she is no longer sinking but is quite stuck. Then she figures out how to move and crawls out. But that is just the beginning. Once out she realizes that with the fear and frustration removed the mud felt pretty good. So she gets back in - although not before removing her top. The scene is no an erotic wallow until she sees another shooting star and crawls out. Aside from the very hot Hannah Perez this scene will be noted for some very dramatic and, I think appropriate, lighting from beginning to end.

Jungle Wrestling   953

Hex plays The Red Menace, a rather tightly wound wrestler and magenta plays a wrestling referee. They meet at a jungle mudpit for a match but when Magenta informs Hex that other wrestling is apparently not going to show up, Hex goes after the ref. After they have ripped each other's tops open they fall in to the peat bog. Hex eventually calms down but its too late for both of them. Could it be they went to the wrong bog?

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