Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 71

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Who's Dream Is It?    954

Stefani is on her way to her favorite clay bog when she meets Savannah. Savannah, it seems, is also on her way to her clay bog and its the same bog. They go together. The tops come off and they get in for a pleasurable wallow. Toward the end one of them comments the other being a feature of her dream. The other disagrees.... its HER dream. The debate is probably settled when the assertions are made that as it is HER dream she can make herself rise up within the mud whenever she wishes. As neither is able to do that and they both go under, perhaps it was YOUR dream after all.

Prison Withut Walls_Elvira   955

Elvira plays a prisoner condemned to death in the prison without walls. She is assigned her "spot" in the forest, tied to a small bush with a string, and told she will be brought food at her spot every day and that she is free to wander off "whenever she is ready." She does that right away, not realizing what those words really mean. Fleeing in terror from what sounds to her like wolves she looses her top before blundering into a bog. She manages to escape from the bog only to immediately fall into another one.

Role Play at Studio 588    956

Karma has come to Studio 588 to act out her role-playing fantasy and Stefani plays a Studio worker who plays a key part in the fantasy. Stefani role plays a criminal and Karma is a cop. It isn't long before they are both fighting it out in a peat bog. This scene will be noted for the appearance (ok it may have been quite real) of real roughness in the fight. Look carefully at the teaser for the moment when Karma pulls Stefani backward by her hair.

Robyn Takes Over    957

The scene starts with Bat Girl and Robyn in the Bat Cave waiting for calls for help. One comes in and they head out as requested. On the trail, however, they begin to bicker and things turn into a cat fight. Soon they are fighting in a pit of quickclay. In the end, Bat Girl sinks under and Robyn escapes.

She Snuck In_Aimee   958

As this scene opens we see Aimee sneaking in by flashlight and crawling under a fence at night. Next, she arrives at her goal; a pit of deep clay. When she takes off her robe she is revealed to be completely naked underneath. She then enters the clay pit for a lengthy and rather stimulating wallow. This scene goes a bit further than our usual fare.

Hannahbot Gardens    959

Hannah plays a robot owned by someone named Fred. Needing to go out for a few hours for groceries, Fred assigns Hannahbot to do some simple chores in the garden. He also instructs her to not go down to the low part of the yard where the ground is wet. Hannahbot asks twice if she should take off her shirt, which she then does. As soon as Fred has left she does exactly what she was told to not do. Finding a mud pit she goes right in. She goes under, of course, although without any sign of fear. Bots do not need to breathe but she may be under there for a week or so until Fred can arrange for a crane.

Fireworks_Jaded Dawn    960

Its the 4th of July and Jaded gets a call from a friend about going to see the fireworks. Jaded begs off, however. having gotten rid of the friend, she heads out to some fireworks of her own. What follows is a very hot wallow in the clay.

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