Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 72

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Yoga   961

Dressed in all white, Stefani has gone to a quiet spot in the forest to practice her Yoga meditation. She assumes a Lotus position on a towel placed on the ground and puts her pocket book on the towel right behind her. When the meditation is finished she reaches for the pocket book and it is gone. Maybe some animal took it? She starts to search but is so intent on finding the pocket book she blunders into a peat book. She is stricken with panic. Her struggles only cause her to sink deeper. Chin deep it occurs to her to use yoga breathing exercises to relax. With that she is able to rise up and escape the bog.

The Summoning    962

Bob (played by Hex) seeks revenge on her enemies by attempting to summon a swamp demon. To her surprise, a demon appears (played by Sabe) and calls for her to enter the mud puddle from which she arises. The demon turns out to be quite a bit more than she expected. The demon is more interested in sacrificing Bob than doing her bidding. The one will appeal especially to those who like scenes on the eerie side.

Voyeurcam_Serenity    963

This is a fairly long and extremely hot night scene in which new model Serenity arrives by flashlight at her favorite mud pit, disrobes, and very much enjoys herself. This is one of those for which a seated position while watching is highly advised.

No One Goes Out in Thunderstorms    964

Angelique steps outside to discover a thunderstorm is approaching. Realizing that the storm will keep everyone inside (and away from her favorate bog) she heads out to her bog. She disrobes on arrival and gets in for a wallow. Thunderstorms, of course, tend to occur in hot weather - and now we know what makes it hot.

Rite of assage_Elvira    965

To become a full member of her tribe, Elvira must undergo a rite of passage. She must render herself unconscious using a dart dipped in ant venom. When she awakes she will face a life-threatening situation, which all she must do is survive. When she does awaken she finds herself standing on a bog with her hands tied to a vine overhead and topless. In this case, she does not pass the test.

Stoners_Bailee and Athena    966

Bailee and Athena are stoned out of their minds but have run out of weed. They seem to think there is some growing on a nearby property so they set out to get some. They think they have spotted some on the far side of a boggy spot so they plunge right in. They do make it across and they never really do sober up enough to recognize the danger they were in. This one has a sort of voyeur feeling to it.

She Snuck In_Melody    967

At nght, Melody climbs under a fence to get to a mudpit. There she strips down and enjoys a lengthy wallow. Very hot indeed.

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