Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 74

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Jaded Dawn's Sink Tease   974

Jaded Dawn performs a simultaneous strip tease and sink tease in a peat bog. Clicks from the still camera have intentionally been left in this one to represent those taken by a live audience.

The Taste of Honey   976

Stefani and Christie are a pair of cave girls. They are hungry and searching for food. They find a sticky, very sweet, liquid dripping down the side of a tree but they do not see the bee hive just above. Soon they are driven away and smack (plop?) into the quick clay. They get out several times each but are then either fall back in or are driven in by the bees. Neither survives. This one also features a final, feet first plunge by Stefani from the edge to completely under.

The Massage Trainee   977

Serenity is a massage technician. Aimee arrives as a new trainee but it is quickly revealed that Aimee is fully trained and has been hired b the owner for a management position - probably replacing Serenity. Serenity offers to show Aimee a very new spa treatment, which turns out to be a pit of quicksand, and pushes Aimee in. As Aimee is sinking Serenity reveals she is not the first rival to meet a similar fate. After Aimee has gone under, however, Serenity needs to pull out some of her clothed that are showing at the surface, and she falls in in the process.

Baby Oil and Mud_Angelique   978

Angelique arrives at her favorite peat bog on a hot, summer day. She oils herself down with baby oil, removing her top in the process, then gets in for a self-indulgent wallow. After a submergence, she comes up quite satisfied and crawls out, mostly on all fours, toward the camera. Very hot.

Fate of the Mutineer   979

Elvira is guilty of mutiny toward her pirate band. She is ordered to be executed by being forced into quicksand.

The Thief and The Samanthabot   980

Samantha plays a sex bot and Stefani plays a house thief. Mr. Fred deactivates Samanthabot prior to heading out on a shopping run, leaving her seated in a chair. Stefani picks the lock on the front door and breaks in. She eventually turns the chair around and is taken aback to see Samanthabot.At first she thinks Samanthabot might be dead but she pushes her shoulder (where the activation button is located and Samanthabot activates and is immediately in full amorous mode. Stefani ties to flee but is pursued until she almost falls into a pit of quicksand. Arriving, Samanthabot pulls off her own top and then Stefani's and they both end up in the mud. Things turn amorous for both once Stefani figures out that Samantha is a robot. But in the end, the quicksand wins.

The Butterfly Hunter   981

Athena is hunting butterflys and not paying attention to where she is going. She falls in, eventually gets out after promising to never hunt butterflys again. She violates that promise almost immediately, falls back in, and goes under. This scene was a good idea but it must be stated up front that the scene suffers from a major break in continuity and a somewhat botched entry. If you want perfection and that sort of thing bothers you, do not order it.

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