Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 75

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Sleepwalker_Brittani   982

Brittani sleepwalks out the door, through the forest, and into the quicksand. She remains asleep for a while after going in but eventually wakes up about neck deep. Aware or oblivious it makes no difference in the end.

The Incorridgible Patient   983

Kennedy in the clay (not to mention in a straight jacket) and Stefani in the peat. Kennedy plays a patient in some sort of mental institution and Stefani plays an orderly. Stefani is taking Kennedy (straightjacketed) for a walk, which she says is for some kind of test. It turns out that as incorridgible patients like Kennedy are not profitable so they get rid of such patients in a pit of quicksand. Kennedy is told to get in using the story that it is a new treatment. Stefani seems to get rather excited by this sort of treatment. She leaves the scene with Kennedy about nose deep. Suddenly she falls into ANOTHER bog, this time a peat bog. She finds it rather exciting until near the end when Kennedy, having escaped, shows up. This scene will be very noteworthy, I believe, for the just about perfect condition of the peat pit at the time. The pit was extremely full, with its surface pretty much level with the surrounding solid ground, and yet was very thick. It was so thick I thought for a while that a submergence would not be possible. That turned out to not be the case, however. This scene also contains a reference to at least two other, prior scenes that might be recognized by those that have those scenes.

Feeding the Cat_Blair   984

Blair arrives at the home of a friend who is away to feed the cat. The cat runs outside. She tries to coax the cat back but it retreats, leading her eventually into the quicksand. The cat stares at her and meows as she sinks.

Cavegirl-Transmat-Tennis Ball   985

The scene is called Cavegirl Transmat_Tennis" and is one of a series involving encounters with transmat devices. While hunting, a cavegirl, played by Elvira, walks through the portal of a transmat device and is transmatted to the 21st century. She enters a homeowner's deck where she finds a tennis racquet and a tennis ball. As a curious but poorly informed homo sapien, she plays with these. She hits the ball hard and it flies off so she goes after it only to blunder into a clay bog. Perhaps the clay bog is a holdover from her own time as we all know from cavepeople movies they were abundant then.

Daydream Fantasy_Hannah   986

Hannah plays a woman who likes to wallow in the mud. On this visit to her favorite clay bog she decides her sink would be better if she fantasized some sort of melodramatic plot. She thinks out loud about being force to stand on a plank over a mud pit. She will sink if she falls in. She begins to daydream and suddenly finds herself in a sarong type of outfit and standing on a plank over a bog. After dropping the top of her sarong, she becomes impatient for the plank to break Then she slips and falls in. She tries to pretend to be frightened but it is very clear she is delighted.

Tabonga Strikes   987

This one is from all the way back in the 2007 season and was one of Stefani's first scene - not quite the very first. The scene, which was shot in Standard Definition, is called Tabonga Strikes and is based, extremely loosely on the very old movie called From Hell It Came starring Tabonga the Tree Monster. In this version, which even includes an inside joke based on the old movie, Stefani is chasing Kahlua for some unexplained reason and is quite pleased when Kahlua blunders into a peat bog. She watches and taunts as Kahlua goes under but is then surprised and pushed in by Tabonga. Our Tabonga does not have operable limbs, or even limbs, but it does have a trunk.

Bog Orchid_Angelique   988

Angelique is a graduate student on a field trip studying and collecting unusual plants. She finds one floating in the center of a peat bog and tries to collect it. However, it and the bog collects her.

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