Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 76

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Aimee's Sink Tease   989

Aimee does her interpretation of a simultaneous sink and strip tease.

The Raccoons Strike Again   990

Angelique visits the home of a friend who seems to have disappeared (see Deadly Raccoons). She finds phone numbers for several exterminators and some outside evidence of damage by some sort of pest animal but nothing more. She follows some apparent raccoon tracks into the forest behind the house and is soon knee deep in a peat bog. She tries to cross the bog because she sees what appears to be the purse of the missing person near the far side. Now there are two people missing. Thanks to Whitebear for the scene suggestion and also some of the wardrobe

Zombie Apocalypse   991

Its the zombie apocalypse and BaileeJ is one of the few normal humans remaining. Athena is a zombie, and a hungry one, on her trail. Bailee tries to run away but has to skirt around the edges of a clay bog and ends up falling in. She is up to her chest by the time the Athena zombie arrives. The zombie, in need of a meal, enters the bog. Eventually, Bailee is able to get behind Athena and push her under. She then escapes the bog. We will have to see about other zombies.

Stalker_Samantha   992

Samantha is walking through the forest toward her favorite peat bog, but she seems to have a stalker. The stalker is played by the camera (you the viewer are the stalker) and the stalker does not speak. She walks around the bog but the stalker cuts the corner and blunders in. As the stalker looks around in panic he/she is suddenly startled by the appearance of Samantha. Samantha then scolds and taunts, finally getting in across from the stalker. She gradually comes closer and closer - topless of course - until at the end she is pretty much touching the camera with her chest. Unlike other versions of the stalker scene the stalker is not pushed under at the end.

Sorority Camp Disaster   993

Samantha and Natalie are at a sorority camp and are tying to avoid a nearby Fraternity, where far too much alcohol has been consumed. They try to cross a muddy spot but it turns out much deeper than they thought.

Mud Princess   994

Katie is a native girl and is feeling depressed. She does not seem to fit in. She decides to enter a pit of clay and end it all. She disrobes before entering the pit so the others will find her clothes and know what happened. Once chest deep in the mud, however, she finds it all quite a turn on. She has found her calling - to introduce all the others to the wonders of the clay pit. She crawls out.

Lucid Dream No. 1_Kindle   995

Kindle is baffled when she finds herself driving down an unknown dirt road, and even more baffled when she starts having "wardrobe malfunctions" including one time finding her top is entirely missing. When the top reappears she begins to realize she is dreaming. She then decides that she will stop the car, walk exactly fifty paces into the forest and will find a pit of quicksand right there. Sure enough the pit is fifty paces in. She gets in and entertains herself until quite happily submerging at the end.

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