Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 77

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Drunk_Persephone   996

Persephone has had far too much to drink and the crew of the Sucking Toad Bar, Grill, and Troublespot have taken away her keys. She tries to go home on foot but there is a swamp in the way. This scene features a very slow but pretty much continuous descent from about the ribs to the nose.

Qumanji   997

Brittani has found a strange board game in the attic and they try playing it. Suddenly they are in a jungle being chased by giant bees. Brittani falls into a quickclay pit. Blair tries to help but Brittani keeps sinking. Blair falls in just as Brittani is going under. She then suffers the same fate.

Das Boots_Elvira   998

Elvira discovers a pair of very nice boots stuck a few inches into a peat bog. She wants those boots. The bog wants her more, however.

Prison Withuot Walls_Dixie and Crystal  999

Dixie and Crystal, condemned criminals, are taken to their "spot' in a prison that has no walls. With their wrists loosely tied to a small tree they are told that food will be brought to this location once a day. Also, they can wander off "whenever they are ready." Not understanding what "when they are ready" really means they immediately start to try to find their way out of the prison. Soon they are panicked by the sounds of dogs or wolves, and other horrors. Then they get separated, loose their tops to a pesky thorn bush, and then, separately, blunder into quicksand. This prison does not need walls

Hot Tub Wet Dream   1000

Stefani goes for a soak in her backyard hot tub. She falls asleep and finds herself in a very pleasurable peat bog.

Sleepwalking in the Swamp is a Bad Idea  1001

This one might have been Mrs Magoo sleepwalks in the swamp. NormaGee sleepwalks from her bedroom into the swamp. She has near misses with three different kinds of quicksand pits - turning away just in time - before eventually slipping in. She wakes up at that point but its to no avail. This scene features the Studio 588 "Hollywood" pit in its heyday.

Sequel to The Discovery of Bondage  1002

In a previous scene, Stormy played a cave girl who discovers the concept of bondage when she ties to collect some useful vines, gets completely tangled, and falls into a pit of quickclay. In this scene, having been turned on by her earlier experience she intentionally gets herself tangled in vines and intentionally enters peat bog. She has a very enjoyable time until, at about neck deep, she realizes she is sinking and is still too tangled to do anything about it. This should be the end of the series, at least for this particular cave girl.

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