Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 78

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Initiation_Serenity   1003

To be accepted into the Touchtone Club, a public service club, Serenity must undergo an initiation. She is told she must stay out in the forest all night, by herself, and almost naked. She agrees to try. It turns out she is not quite alone as she is swarmed by mosquitos. She tries to keep moving to get away from the bugs but that causes her to blunder into a clay bog. She is frightened at first but eventually is able to get out. The skeeters are immediately back so she goes back in. She has a good time in the mud now that she knows she can move around and not sink. She crawls out as the sun begins to rise.

Dr. Williams   1004

Rachelle plays Dr. Williams, professor of English. Brittani comes to her for some basic tutoring in grammar but apparently is completely hopeless. When Rachelle announces they will begin by discussing homophones, Brittani replies that she is not gay. Rachelle takes brittani to a quickclay pit to get rid of her in the same was many previous tutorees have been eliminated. Dr Williams then enjoys the pit herself for a while before getting out - soon to return presumably.

Giant African Snails   1005

Dressed in matching scrubs, BaileeJ and Athena are part of a public service mission to rid an area of Giant African Snails, an invasive species. All they know about the snails is they are found generally in mud so when they find a mud pit they know where to look. Athena spots one and goes after it only to suddenly find herself in deep mud. Not recognizing any danger they both try to gather the snails and toss them onto shore. Its not until they are shoulder deep that they realize they are in trouble, and by that time it is too late.

Real Estate Buyer's Agent_Hannah  1006

Hannah plays a buyer's agent for Century 22. She is looking over a large property for a client. At first the property looks like exactly what the client wants. but then she discovers there is some wetland. Ahe calls the client with the bad news. With seconds of finishing the call to her client, she falls in and her cell phone goes flying. She is terrified and up to her neck very quickly. Very gradually and chin deep she pushes her way forward through the thick more and finally reaches the edge. Crawling out, exhausted, she finds her cell phone, and, in a surprise ending, the calls her own real estate agent and orders him to buy the property for her at any price. She may have been scared to death but she was apparently very much turned on as well.

Sara's First Time   1007

This rather lengthy scene (over 29 minutes) should be of particular interest to those who like video of a more natural sort of mud encounter. Although this one makes use of the Studio 588 clay pit, its content is a new model exploring deep mud for (almost) her first time and being given instruction in such matters as how to move around in deep mud, briefly going into character for four different kinds of quicksand scene, how to get out, how to do a foot-first plunge to the neck, and how to do a submergence. The mud coach voice is played by Fred588.

Homage to the Mud God  1008

Natalie and Nyxon are two members of a primitive tribe who have not paid homage to the Mud God in a long time. They are reminded to do so by an earthquake that occurs just as they decide they can pay homage on another day. At the mud pit they expect to simply coat themselves with mud but they are drawn in. At one point they seem to be able to raise themselves higher in the mud but then another earthquake takes place and they are drawn deeper. A third quake sucks them both under.

Pirateland Execution_Kerri  1009

When she entered PsychicWorkd JungleLand, Kerri was warned not to go into Pirateland, but she did so just the same. As the scene opens, Kerri is captured by the head pirate and is very odd assistant Clem. Their habit is to capture outsiders and sink them in a quicksand pit - they'd have them walk the plank if they had a ship,... and an ocean to float it in. Being bound by pirate rules, they offer Kerri a series of last requests. She asks permission to take off her shoes, then her shirt, then her skirt, then her bra, and finally if she can have her hands tied behind her back, all of which they grant. Then she is forced to fall into the pit where she slowly sinks. Oddly, she does not seem to mind all that much even as she goes under.

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