Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 79

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

The Deadly Woodpecker   1010

Stefani hs been pestered for some time by a crazy woodpecker who bangs himself against her windows and taps on the windows aggressively and pointlessly. She goes after him with a broom, but ends up in a peat bog with the woodpecker cackling in what sounds like laughter. This scene is based on a suggestion last spring from Brinke Stevens.

Cops:The Sinker   1011

In this spoof of the Cops TV show, Stefani plays a cop, albeit a K-9 officer, accompanied by a cameraman. Karma plays a poacher hunting for something in the swamp. Karma is challenged by a citizen who calls the cops. Being the only officer in the area, Stefan responds. A chase ensues. Karma blunders into a peat bog and Stefani is soon in the mire as well. They both escape in the end and all ends well except the cameraman seems to have gotten lost somewhere.

Ensign Elvira   1012

In this Star Trek spoof, Ensign Elvira suddenly materializes on the surface of a forested planet. She is supposed to be going somewhere else but when she reports back that some error has occurred she is told the transporter has yet to be activated. She soon finds a spot with several bogs. She tries to keep away from the bogs but is somehow repeatedly drawn back to them and eventually into one of them. She realizes the bog is some sort of sentient being controlling her muscles but there is not much she can do. This one was written by Elvira herself.

Sadistic Prison Guared_Brittani   1013

Fans of the Blowgun series will find this one familiar. The scene starts with prison guard Brittani searching for an escaped prisoner named Samantha. She makes several threats about what she is going to do to Samantha when she catches her, and also calling out a warning to Samantha about what the native groups in the area will do if they catch her first. Brittani is then rendered unconscious by a poisoned blowgun dart. When she wakes up she is standing on the surface of a peat bog, stripped to the waist, and with her hands tied to an overhead support by a vine. All through the very slow but steady sink from standing on the surface to her nose, she stays in fear mode except for a couple of minutes from breasts to shoulders when she is overwhelmed by the feel of the mud.

The Bent Trees   1014

Stefani plays a TV feature reporter attempting to film a story about bent trees, trees supposedly bent hundreds of years ago so as to grow into signposts by native Americans. Being a bit abusive toward her cameraman she explains what the trees are believed to have been for, using a pair of such trees that seem to point in about the same direction. She and the cameraman then try to find what the trees point toward. It seems they point toward a pair of peat bogs. In spite of the unwillingness of the cameraman to provide any assistance Stefani manages to escape from the mire by finding a submerged root, though not before being pulled under once.

Bog Orchid_Samantha   1015

Samantha plays a nature photographer on an exploratory hike. She discovers a rare bog orchid she knows has great value. After photographing it she tries to harvest it. It harvests her, instead.

Daydream Fantasy_Stefani   1016

Stefani arrives at her favorite clay pit, disrobes to her thong, and enjoys a night time wallow. At one point, desiring to go deeper, she even does a hand stand in the pit.

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