Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 80

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

She Broke In_Stefani   1017

By flashlight, Stefani crawls under a wire fence to break into a property she knows has a peat bog. Arriving at the peat bog she takes off her robe, revealing very little underneath. Then she gets into the bog for a self-indulgent night time sink. At the end she crawls out, puts the robe back on, and heads home.

Yoga Sink_Brittani   1018

Brittani has been told by her yoga instructor that she needs to get closer to the earth to cleanse her "aura." She has, therefore, hike five miles to a clay pit for that purpose. She gets in an can really feel the effect.... for a while. Then it starts getting a bit too deep and seems to be pulling her even deeper. It looks like the yoga class will be short one student.

Bog Flower_Bailee   1019

On a hike, Bailee encounters a rare orchid growing in a peat bog. She tries to pick it, but it picks her.

Power Stars   1020

Stefani, Samantha, and Kindle. The three play a trio of Power Stars, superheros with special powers. After several weeks of inactivity, they are glads to get a call to hunt down a mud monster. Being a bit out of practice, however, the bicker a good deal about which way to go and end up separating. Samantha finds the mud monster first but, being alone, is pulled into its mouth, what to us looks like the surface of a peat bog. Stefani and Kindle arrive on the scene but due to confusion they are pulled in too. Eventually the get their act together, destroy the monster, and escape.

Daydream Fantasy_Stormy   1041

Stormy arrives at her favorite clay pit, disrobes to her thong, and enjoys a night time wallow.

Das Boots_Angelique   1042

While on a hike, Angelique comes upon a nice pair of boots suck a few inches down in a peat bog. They are even her size. She tries to rescue them for herself but the bog wins in the end.

Psychic World 5Million BC   1043

Hannah Perez and Jordana Leigh. Hannah and Jordana have arranged for a special sort of adventure for their visit to PsychicWorld JungleLand. They are going to visit the world as it was 5 million years ago. They arrive in the jungle and are soon greeted by the Psychic World guide, who warns them that the world here is quite dangerous. He takes them to a special "blind" and instructs them that the blind is protected by a force field but not to leave it. Naturally, when Hannah spots a unicorn in the distance they HAVE to get closer and are soon out of the blind. Its not long before they encounter quicksand. After all we all KNOW that the world was full of quicksand back then. The guide returns in time to save them, but barely.

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