Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 74

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Jaded Dawn's Muddy Webcam   1044

Jaded Dawn does a webcam routine for our benefit at the Studio 588 clay pit. For those who may not know who Jaded is, if you Google her name you will discover she is exceeding;y well-qualified for a scene of this type.

Sleepwalker_Rachelle   1045

Rachelle sleepwalks in the middle of the day, and leaves the house and heads into the forest. its not long before she walks right into a quick clay pit. She remains in a dream state until up to her chin, then wakes up, for about long enough to go under.

A Few Missing Parts_LiiLii and Hex Hypoxia   1046

Mr Fred has just finished assembling a pair of new sexbots, LiiLiibot and Bobbot, and attempts to take them for a walk to see how they work. There are a few leftover parts but the instructions are written in an obscure language Mr Fred cannot decipher. They seem to work fairly well until LiiLiibot spots what she declares to be a squirrel and Bobbot says is a rabbit. At that point an argument ensures and rapidly escalates. These two bots seem to follow the rather common debate strategy of repeating one's position over and over but louder and louder. Its not long before both are stuck in a clay bog. Mr Fred eventually catches up with them and helps them out of the mud but they still do not seem to like each other much. These bots are more human than we know!

Gumball Sacrifice_Stefani   1047

Trekking through PsychicWorld JungleLand in the evening, Stefani arrives at the JungleLand Bar and Grill. After saying hello to Fred and Kindle at the bar and grill, she spots the gumball machine. In spite of Fred's warning she puts in a quarter and instantly vanishes, reappearing deep in the jungle. There she encounters, repeated, the 'medicine man' who thanks her for coming and agreeing to be tonight's sacrifice. She backs away twice but decides to get it over with the third time, promptly finding herself standing on the surface of a peat bog, her hands tied behind her back, and topless. As she very slowly but steadily sinks she is unhappy at first, then torn between fear and arousal, and finally very aroused. Very hot!

Sunken Loot_Natalie   1048

Natalie plays a thief who previously concealed a hoard of stolen gold in a pit of mud. After release from prison she has returned to claim her loot. The rope attached to the hidden gold is still there but between the weight of the gold and resistance from the mud she cannot pull it up. Eventually she slips in. She continues trying to pull up the gold for quite a while before the finally releases she is stuck and sinking. This one featuers a pretty good struggle toward the end especially.

Duet Natural Trial_Taylor and Dark Dementia   1049

Taylor and Dark Dementia have had a long-running dispute that has not been successfully adjudicated. This leaves the only solution to be a sort of natural trial or trial by nature. They must stand, side by side, on a pair of planks overhanging the "Pit of Truth," for one hour or until one falls in and sinks. Taylor falls in. As she sinks, pleading her innocense all the way, Dark Dementia looks on in triumph. Subtly, however, Dark Dementia becomes more and more aroused as Taylor sinks deeper and goes under. Then she announces that she is extremely guilty. She even jogs the plank up and down to urge it to do its thing. just as she speculates out loud whether anyone will notice if she just steps off the plank into the pit, she is dumped in. She is delighted with this and sinks quite willingly

The Serendipity Trai_Katie and Kindle   1050

Katie and Kindle are out on a hike. When katie stops to tie a loose shoe, Kindle forges ahead and manages to get stuck in a muddy spot. Katie arrives and tries to help but suddenly Kindle is in a good deal deeper. And then so it Katie. The struggle in a helpless panic for a while. Then, when they discover they are not sinking anymore they begin to behave more reasonably. Once they figure out how to get their legs free the whole thing becomes more pleasant.... MUCH more pleasant Even their tops come off. Eventually they crawl out.

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