Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 82

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Cheese Eropuffs   1051

This sexy wallow in the peat bog by Stefani begins with the express delivery of a package containing six cheese eropuffs, cheese-flavored chips laced with a substance guaranteed to enhance any erotic fantasy. Being a quicksander anyway, she waits a few minutes after eating one of them and then heads out to a familiar peat bog. The eropuffs seem to work, not only for her but for us as well.

Pirate Rivalry   1052

Karma is the pirate leader but is becomming irritated by two of her crew, Athena and Alix, and decides she needs to get rid of one of them. These are jungle pirates. They come to what Karma knows is a pit of quicksand and manages to maneuver Athena into it. Karma taunts Athena as she pleads for rescue. When Athena is about chin deep, however, Alix unexpectedly pushes Karma in. Athena goes under very quickly after that. Alix then attempts to hurry things along a bit with Karma but slips in herself. That particuar jungle now has three fewer pirates, which is too bad in a way because these three are pretty cute pirates.

Orange Bog Flower_Rockelle   1053

Rockelle discovers a rare bog flower in, where else, a bog, and tries to pick it. She falls in, of course. After recognizing the danger she climbs out. However, because this is a quicksand scene she slips and falls back in. This time there is no escape.

Lucid Dream No.1_Elvira   1054

While driving along an unfamiliar rural gravel road, Elvira is extremely puzzled by a series of wardrobe malfunctions, especially when suddenly her top is entirely missing.... and then back. When she eventually figures out it is a dream she decides to take fulkl advantage, declaring that if she walks fifty steps into the forest she will find a quicksand pit. Sure enough, there it is at exactly fifty steps. From that point the scene is a lengthy, sexy wallow, including one orgasmic submergence, re-emergence, and crawl out.

The First Catfight   1055

Angelique and Kerri play a pair of cave girls. Kerri has a banana she is ssaving for later, and which she hides When Angelique comes to groom her. Angelique has seen the banana anyway and steals it. A fight ensues, and a chase. Angelique gets the banana by hitting Kerri on the head with a club, knocking her out. Kerri wakes up but wanders into a pit of quicksand while still dazed. Angelique eventually shows up and tries to help but falls in. Most of the time they are too busy bickering to be of much help to each other and both go under in the end.

Das Boots_Sami   1056

The plot is the familiar Das Boots story. This one is a little on the short side at 5 moinutes and 43 seconds, and is priced accordingly, but the struggle ispretty good and the peat looked awesome that day.

Dr. Boggs, DMD_Natalie   1057

Natalie needs a root canal. When Dr. Boggs advises she be given a sedative prior to the anesthetic because strange dreams often occur otherwise she declines. Sure enough, she has a nightmare involving several giant bugs, a snake, and, of course, quicksand.

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