Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 83

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

The Bog Worshippers   1058

Stefani and kennedy are bog worshippers, a sort of cult that believes in periodic offering of oneself to a bog. Those who are "worthy" will return to the surface after the bog takes them under. They arrive at the bog in long, white gowns but those come off entirely before they enter the bog. As neither turned out to be worthy, they are probably still there. Any viewer who needs heart medicine would be well advised to have it nearby when viewing this ultra_hot scene.

Private Dancer   1059

Brittani comes home to find roommate Rachelle fantacizing about the dance contest she is going to win by combining a strip tease with every other kind of dance she can think of. Rachelle storms outside when Brittani is critical of the idea. When she blunders into a quicksand bog in the nearby forest she continues to fantacize about winning posthumously after sinking in the quicksand. (This has to be seen to be believed.) Brittani finally arrives and tries to get Rachelle out but ends up in it herself. Brittani manages to escape.

The Evil Nurse   1060

Jordana plays a difficult patient and Alxia plays a nurse with a solution to such cases. Giving Jordana drug that induces her to do whatever Alexia says, she takes her to a forest trail. After ordering Jordana to drop her robe she takes her to a clay bog and makes her get in. Alexia is so turned on watching Jordana sink that she disrobes herself. Then, after Jordana has gone under she tries to smooth out the mud to conceal all evidence of her crime. Obviously she slips in. She is frightened at first but soon finds sinking herself even more of a turnon than sinking another. When the bog momentarily releases her she does not want to escape. And she does not.

Real Estate Buyer's Rep_Stefani   1061

Stefani plays a buyer's agent for real estate. She is looking at a promisng property for a client, but then she discovers a boggy area. Right after calling her client to recommend against the purchase, the falls in. She has a long struggle but eventually gets out - and the propertry will have a new owner by tomorrow.

Bent Tree_Hunter   1062

Stormy is a hunter and has taken a position on the trunk of a large, bent tree. After dozong off the wakes up to detect a deer. She takes aim and fires but the recoilcauses her head to snap back and strike the tree behind. She falls out of the tree and lands in a quickclay pit. From there on the scene is relatively short (totally just over 6 minutes) but features a lot of good struggling action and a very nice submergence. Did she really fall into quicksand or was the whole thing a nightmare?

Research Close Call   1063

Savannah is doing research on the flora of a jungle island. She is so intent on the research she blunders into a bog. She gets out but its close.

Underwater Mortgage Broker  1064

Angelique plays a real estate broker who specializes in buying up underwater mortgages (mortgages that are for more than the property is sellable for) for low prices and converting them to her own profit. Chrissy plays her personal assistant who tries to catch up to her to warn her that she has given her the wrong address. As it turns out the property IS underwater, or under mud, in a different way.

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