Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 84

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Drunk_Aimee   1065

Aimee staggers out of the Sucking Toad Bar, Grill, and Troublespot is a very intoxicated condition. Those inside have taken away her keys so she is determined to walk home. Naturally there is a peat bog in the way and she never does make it home.

Quicksandbaby  1066

Rachelle and Brittani play Br'er Rachelle and Br'er Brittani in this spoof of a well-known, if rather dated, classic story. Brittani tried to teach Rachelle a lesson by luring her into a quicksand bog. The tables are turned and for a while they are both in the quicksand. Both eventuarry escape but the feud goes on.

Dumped_Bailee   1067

Bailee and Athena are dumped on the side of a road by some guy they met, telling them if they won't put out they can get out. They cannot agree on which way to go for help so they separate. Bailee tries to work around the edge of a muddy spot but falls in. Note that although Athena wrote this scene and appears in the early part of it, she does not sink. There is a separate scene with the same beginning featuring Athena - yet to be edited.

Four Timing Cheerleader   1068

As ths scene begins, Brittani is at a competitive college cheerleader contest. She is on the phone with a boyfriend talking him into some BIG favors. Then she is on the phone with ANOTHER boyfriend asking him to buy her a new car. Apparently she has four boyfriends she does this to. She then goes outside to a secluded spot to practice where she will not be spied upon by other competitors. Of course, the mud puddle near where she practices is a bit deeper than she realized and she gets trapped.

Conflict at a Costume Party   1069

. Stefani and Samantha have been rivals since high school. As they both arrive at a costume party - Stefani and a cheerleder and Samantha as a school girl - Samantha begins accosting Stefani. After being punched unconscious and handcuffed, Stefani is driven through the forest, to a peat bog, and pushed in. Samantha gloats as Stefani sinks. Samantha is so aroused by finally doing away with her rival she even steps into the bog herself - but only halfway to her knees. Onc Stefani has gone under, however, Samantha discovers that almost to her knees is all it takes - she is stuck and sinking deeper. There is no escape.

Das Boots_Stormy  1070

Stormy discovers a pair of bots stuck in a peat bog and tries to harvest them for herself. The pit, however, harvests her.

PirateLand Execution_Angelique   1071

Visiting PsychicWorkd JungleLand, Angelique has wandered into PirateLand, a separate place where the resident pirates do not take kindly to outsiders. She is captured and does not seem at all upset when informed she will be made to fall into a pit of quicksand and sink under. When they give her a series of last requests she asks to remove almost all her clothes and then to have her wrists tied behind her back. In she goes and down she goes.

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