Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 85

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Lucid Dream No.2_Aimee   1072

While at the office, where she works for Mr Fred, Aimee is baffled by a series of wardrobe malfunctions. She is even more flumoxed when Mr. Fred walks in on her while her shirt is entirely missing. After the shirt suddenly returns to her body she finally realizes she is dreaming. She then takes the shirt back off, walks in on Mr Fred to tell him off and that she is taking the afternoon off, and heads outside to find and play in a mudpit. Mr Fred later appears at the mud pit to tell her to stop by personnel when she is through playing. She figures she is fired but then he informs her he is doubling her salary. Yep, its a dream!

Lucid Dream No.1_Karma   1073

Karma experiences a series of baffling wardrobe malfunctions while driving down an unfamiliar gravel road. At one point her dress is entirely missing,... and then it is back. Once it occurs to her she is dreaming she decides to test that theory. She declares that if she stops and walks exactly fifty paces into the forest she will find a quicksand pit. Sure enough there it is at fifty paces. She then gets in an enjoys a high-energy sink with several submergences.

Orange Bog Orchid_Elvira  1074

While on a hike, Elvira discovers a rare bog orchid that only flowers once in 100 years. She left her camera home so she ties to harvest the flower as her ticket to graduate school. The bog harvests her instead. For those that like the look of thick peat, he peat was very thick thew day this was filmed.

Drunk_Ashden   1075

Ashden leaves the Sucking Toad Bar, Grill, and Troublespot and tries to walk home after they have taken away her keys. She is already extremely drunk and continues to swill vodka straight from the bottle all the way through the scene. Obviously there is a quicksand pit between the bar and wherever she thinks she is trying to go on foot.

The Mud Siren of Psychic World   1076

Hannah has come to PsychicWorld JungleLand for some adventure. At the JungleLand Bar and Grill she chats with Fred briefly and then decides to get a gumball from the vending machine there. Fred advises against doing that but she does so anyway and is suddenly transported into the jungle. Her outfit also changes to a rather brief bikini. Walking along a trial she spots Angelique, who does not peak but bekins her to come forward. Angelique vanishes and reappears a couple of times and the final time appears waist deep in a pit of wet clay. Again she bekins Hannah forward, and into, the mud, taking off her top in the process. She takes off Hannah's top as well and the two engage in some rather sexy play. Toward the end, Angelique sinks under, behining Hannah to follow, which she does. This scene is the original of what became the "Gumball" series.

Baskerville Prison  1077 (Standard Definition)

Starring Stefani Jaymes, Kahlua, and Taylor, and featuring a very early pit that made use of a buoyant paper product, this scene is the long-awaited "Baskerville Prison." Having seen a number of remakes of the old Sherlock Holmes scene, and having listened to several debates over the year as to whether the sinking victim should be one of the criminal characters or one of the authority characters, we decided to have it be both. In part 1 of this scene, Taylor has escaped from Baskerville Prison and is on the run, She blunders into quicksand but barely manages to escape. In part 2, prison guards Stefani and Kahlua are hunting for Taylor. Taylor, still covered with quicksand, watches as they approach and blunder into the same pit. The two guards, who were looking forward to what they would do to Taylor when they caught her, end up sinking under while Taylor is rather turned on as she watches.

Because this was an early effort, shot with cameras that were not really very good (not to mention being standard definition) this scene will be priced at just $4.00, and that is for both parts.


NormaGee's Daytime Photo Shoot   1078

It must be stated up front that the video quality in this scene is not very good. However, it may be of interest in two ways. First, it may be of interest to anyone contemplating coming to Studio 588 and possibly doing a photo shoot, as it will illustrate fairly well how the process works. A new service offered this year to private rental parties is the chance to do a private (not for publication) photo shoot. This one may also be of similar interest to poten tial models who may be interested in a similar scene for publication. The stills that will be posted here and at quicksandland when this scene is announced were taken with a still camera and were the main purpose of the photo shoot itself. They are of much better quality than the video. The teaser is taken from the video.

The price for this video is $35.00 plus shipping, with the later dependent on the destination. You can also obtain the same set of seven scenes in high definition, by download for $50.00 or mailed on a DVD-ROM for $50.00 plus shipping. This price is only good when ordered as a set.

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