Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 86

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Sink Tease_Serenity   1079

Serenity, a new actress/model for Studio 588 last season, arrives at a pit of wet clay, greets her audience, and does a simultaneous strip and sink tease.

Trial by Nature_Athena   1080

Having been accused of the supernatural crime of practicing witchcraft, Athena must face tial by nature. With her hands bound behind her back, she must stand on the surface of a peat bog. If she is still above the surface after one hour, nature will have declared her innocent and she can go free. One hour is, however, a long time to stand on the surface of a bog.

Photographer and Model  1081

Written by Hannah Perez. Photographer Hannah is doing a topless photoshoot with model Stefani. They use an outdoor location quite near a peat bog. Hannah warns Stefani about the mud but Stef says she is not at all afraid and even asks if she can go into the pit. Then Stefani sees a bigger pit a few feet away and asks to go into it. Stefani admits to having been in mud before and says she has even done some basic quicksand scenes although she has never gone under. Hannah then admits to having gone in herself. Pretty soon they are both in the bog. Hannah demonstrates going under and before the scene is over they both go under several times. This one is even hotter than the day it was filmed!

Gumball Sacrifice_Nocturnal   1082

Touring PsychicWorld JungleLand, Nocturnal arrives at the JungleLand Bar and Grill. After a brief conversation with Fred (the resident Norm) she spots the gumball machine and, against the advice of Fred, decides to put in a quarter. Instantly she vanishes and reappears deep in the jungle. Three times she encounters the "medicine man" who thanks her for coming and agreeing to be "tonight's sacrifice". She finally decides he is not going to go away and to see what he is talking about. Instantly she finds heself standing on a peat bog, naked to the wist, and with her hands tied behind her back. While she slowly and steadily sinks her reaction transforms from fear to a high degree of arousal.

QS Bondage Shoot_Karma   1083

Written and directed by Athena. Athena plays a photographer and Karma is a bondage model. They are doing a photo shoot on a combined theme of quicksand and bondage. Karma is topless and wearing shackles throughout. [Although Athena wrote and directed this scene she does not sink in this one.] Karma displays an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm in this one for both bondage and sinking.

Debbie's First Time  1084

Debbie Paige is given a lesson in how to do a quicksand scene.


How Studio 588 Came To Be   1085

It tells a tale that "way back when, in the days of VHS and standard definition, quicksand scenes wee made as a muddy place in Arkansas by a producer called Brittani. Then Brittani and her top model names Stefani suddenly disappeared. Maybe they ran away with each other, it was presumed, by most. But the last tape they made was found and the person that found it now makes the videos." This scene represents a reconstruction of what happened.

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