Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 87

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Batgirl versus Peatre de Frouge   1086

Batgirl is on a mission to catch the elusive Pietre de Frouge, an evil criminal who has many characteristics of a frog. She tracks Pietre to a swamp (where else would you find a frog?). She hears noises and calls that sound like a rather large frog but sees nothing until she is shoved into the mire. Then there is no sign of Pietre anymore while she struggles, eventually escaping.

PsychicWorld JungleLand_Seeking Quicksand   1087

Hannah and Karma have both come to JungleLand as clients on the same day, but separately. Both are looking for some quicksand to have some fun in. After hours of unsuccessful searching they encounter each other and decide to look together. They find a pit just as it is getting dark. They both disrobe and get in. From that point on they are all over each other. Stay sitting down and keep the heart medicine nearby if you need that - THIS IS A HOT ONE!!! They intentionally submerge twice, finding it highly stimulating. Then at the end they are sucked under by the quicksand itself.

Serial Killer_Brittani  1088

Brittani arrives at what is supposed to be a party and is surprised to learn she is the first one there. She is offered a drink and soon passes out and falls on the floor. When she wakes up she is naked except for a very brief thing and suspended by the arms over a pit of quick clay.

PsychicWorld JungleLand_Gumball Sacrifice_Samantha   1089

Exploring PsychicWorld JungleLand, Samantha arrives at the JungleLand bar and Grill. She meets and speaks briefly with Fred, the local Norm character, and then spots the gumball machine. Fred warns her its not a good idea but she puts in a quarter and instantly vanishes, reappearing in the jungle. Three times she is confronted by "the medicine man" who thanks her for agreeing to be "tonight's sacrifice." She agrees to see what he is talking about after the third time and instantly finds herself topless, standing on the surface of a peat bog, and with her hands tied behind her back. She is frightened at first but by the end we get an interesting mixture of anxiety and giggles as she sinks.

Lucid Dream #3_Stefani  1090

Stefani finds herself hiking thruogh the forest. That seems normal enough, until her outfit suddenly changes, leaving her somewhat on the lightly dressed side. Then her outfit changes again, this time to not all that far from naked. She finally realizes she is dreaming and decides to look for a quicksand pit. She has on even less when she finds one, and climbs in. She has a very stimulating and pleasurable sink, with several submergences. Then she decides its time to crawl out, but after starting to do so she is jerked back in and goes under in fear mnode.

Twenty Feet Down  1091

Katie is searchin g for a friend. The friend had a GPS that can be tracked by Katie's GPS. The tracking brings katie repeatedly to the edge of a swamp. She reaches a point right at the edge of the swamp where the GPS says the lattitude and longitude are exactly right.... but the altitude is off by about 20 feet. The rest is pretty obvious.


Debbie's Daytime Photo Shoot   1092

This scene is video taken during a quicksand-themed photo shoot starring Debbie Paige. Because in this scene the emphasis is on still photos, the videography wsa considered secondary in importance. Consequently, the angle of view and lighting are less than optimal. The teaser for this scene is from the video, but the stills posted here are all selected from the stills. Compare the two and you will see the difference.

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