Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 88

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Kidnap fantasy   1093

This scene pushes several different buttons, including aspects of bondage and eroticism as well as quicksand. Hannah has discovered an on-line promotion of a "live your fantasy" service. She calls and arranges a kidnap fantasy for herself. A few days later there is a knock at the door and she is taken quite by surprise by the "kidnapper." The fantasy calls for her to be taken into the forest and tied to a tree for about an hour while the kidnapper leaves to take care of some detail. During that time she will get free of the tree and run for it. The kidnapper will return in an hour and the fantasy will end. Tied to the tree, Hannah interrupts the "script" to suggest (or really insist) that she should be stripped topless. That is done. She gets free according to plan, but after morfe than an hour begins to become worried that somethng has gone wrong because the "kidnapper" has not returned. She becomes very worried after more time has elapsed and then frightened that someone else is going to find her. Moving too fast due to her now-real fear she blunders into a peat bog. In the end, she is rescued y the kidnapper but not before going completely unde except for her outstretched arm.

The Compost Pit   1094

Angelique is a guest at Studio 588, but not familiar with things. Having eaten a banana she asks where the trash bin is. It is suggested that the peel go out to the compost pit, which is outside the front door and to the right. She takes it out but walks right past the compost pit. Finding a quickclay pit she tosses in the banana, thinking it is the compost pit. She discovers the correct pit on the way back, so she heads back to the quickclay to retrieve the peel. Of course, it is just out of reach and she falls in. She is just embarrassed for a while, but when she is suddenly pulled from chest to shoulder deep she ralizes she is in trouble. It is too late, however.

What I Do Is Secret  1095
Brittani is a highly successful actress and Rachelle wants to be the same. Rachelle has come to Brittani to learn her secrets. Brittani, of course, does not really want a rival so she decides to show her one secret - that happens to involve a clay pit behind her house. The real secret, of course, is knowing how to get rid of the competition.

Murder and Mistake_Jordana and Alexia  1096

Alexia and Jordana are "friends" but also rivals. Alexia takes Jordana to a secret mud pit, ostensiblky to sahre her secrets of skin care but, in fact, to murder her. Jordana is a bit concerned bt Alexia convinces her to get in. They have a good time, although Jordana comments once or twice about how the mud seems to be rather deep and is pulling her down. Its only when Jordana is up to her tilted-back chin that Alexia reveals that it is 70 feet deep where Jordana is. But then, Jordana says, "No, it isn't...I'm standing on the bottom!!!" Alexia realizes she has made a fatal mistake about where the deep part is. Jordana then laughs hysterically as Alexia goes under. Jordana crawls out.

Das Boots_Bailee   1097

While on a hike, Bailee discovers a pair of boots stuck in a peat bog. She wants those boots! The bog wants her! The bog wins.

Rescue in the Swamp  1098

Paula, played by Stefani, was, and still is, a fetish model with a good understanding of fetishes, S&M, and bondage. After a terrible accident she was given an experimental treatment to help regenerate damaged tissue. The effect turned out to be permanent, giving her the remarkable power of rapid healing from any injury. Now she works as a special agent who takes on very risky assignments. Because she can heal from any injury within minutes, the fear of such injury is absent. She actually enjoys experiencing things that might render other people helpless. Today her assignment is to find and rescue Brittani, who has been captured by Rarar, an arch criminal known for torturing his victims, and to also catch Rarar. She finds Brittani and leads her part of the way out of the swamp, but quicksand gets in their way. Eventually, she gets Brittani out of the mire and sends her on her way while she remains in the mud as a decoy of Rarar. Rarar discovers her and does some the usual gloating that arch criminals always do, and dismisses her warning that her backup posse will soon arrive. Then he flees when he hears the bloodhounds, leaving Paula to go under. She is pulled out by the leader of the posse. Rarar will be in bondage for many years.

The Final Selection  1099

Stefani and Savannah are the final two choices for an annual sacrifice by a group of primitive tribes. They must stand side by side in a platform over a pit of quicksand until one of them falls in or is dumped by the platform breaking. Neither wants to be the one who goes in. Eventually the platform dumps Stefani into the mire. Savannah is very relieved and is even rather turned on by the sight of Stefani sinking. Very shortly after Stefani foes under, however, the platform breaks again and Savannah falls in. The god of the bog is hungry this year.

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