Tales of Quicksand

Volume 42

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Vampire Hunter, Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   364

Brinke, as a vampire, is seeking another victim, played by Rachelle. But just who is hunting whom?

Cops (4)  Savannah Costello and Brittany   375

A spoof of the TV show "Cops." Savannah is a police investigator and Brittany is a reporter for a news outlet. They are staking out a suspected drug house and dressed as street hookers so as to blend in to the neighborhood.

The Candlelight Dinner, Katie   374

Katie has prepared a special meal for her boyfriend, complete with candles for lighting, but he doesn't show up. She then finds some better entertainment for the evening.

Psychic World Nurse, Debbie Paige   371

Debbie is the nurse at Psychic World Jungleland. Then she gets a call from the mainland to the effect that some investigators want to talk to her about her use of leeches for just about anything from a cold to a broken fingernail. She panics and runs off into the jungle.

Blowgun_Kindle, Kindle   376

Kindle is rendered unconscious by a poisoned blowgun dart. When she wakes up she is suspended by her wrists in a pit of quicksand, and the vines keep stretching.

Jordana's Night Photo Shoot, Jordana Leigh   373

A photo shoot, at night, at Studio 588's clay pit. Hot!


While exploring JungleLand, Candle is warned there is a lot of dangerous quicksand in the area. That is what she has in mind, however.


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