Tales of Quicksand

Volume 14

Initiation Discovery (Starring Brinke Stevens) 155

In order to be accepted as a member of a special club, Brinke must endure an initiation of remaining in the forest all night with nothing for protection except a bikini. The bugs are bad and the noises are worse, but then things get quicksandy.

THE CEO (Starring Savannah Costello) 156

Savannah is the CEO of a corporation and brags on the phone to a friend about how she is getting a huge bonus even while running the company into the ground. Then she gets,.... well,... run into the ground.

Lucid Dream #1 - Stefani (Starring Stefani Jaymes) 157

Stefani is perplexed by a series of wardrobe malfunctions whilke driving on an unknown road. Eventually is occurs to her it is a dream.After than she seeks out, and finds, a pit of quicksand.

Blowgun - Stormy (Starring Stormy Night) 158

Stormy is hit by a poisoned blowgun dart and passes out. When she wakes she is suspended over, and partly in, a quicksand pit. She is still under the influence of the poison, however, so her reactions to the mud tend to shift around a bit. The vine she is suspended from is gradually stretching, of course, so she doesn't have a whole lot of time to completely wake up.

Trial by Mire (Starring NormaGee) 159

NormaGee has been accused of casting spells and must face a trial by mire. After being dropped into the mud from the end of a plank she must remain afloat for one hour to prove her innocence. By the end of an hour she is still afloat but insisting on her own guilt. She is thrown a rope and throws it back. Eventually she does go under.

Debbie's Night Photo Shoot (Starring Debbie Paige) 160

Debbie Paige ventures to Studio 588 for a night time glamour photo shoot in deep mud and quicksand.

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