Tales of Quicksand

Volume 43

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Nyssa's First Time, Nyssa Nevers   384

Nyssa is given instruction in how to do a quicksand scene, how to move around in deep mud, and the like.

Dirty Shore, Brittany and Katie   383

Brittany is J.Powww and Katie is Kooki in this Jersey Shore spoof. Be sure you are sitting when these two extremely irritating characters go under because you will want to stand up and cheer.

JungleLand Pirate Encounter, Angelique Kithos and a voice role by Fred588   386

Angelique is exploring JungleLand when she encounters a pirate. Unfortunately, this pirate has no idea what a pirate at JungleLand is supposed to do so she has to provide a few suggestions about making her walk the plank into a jungle quicksand pit.

The Fortune Teller, Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   387

Rachelle is a predatory fortune teller and Brinke is a mark with money. After getting possession of Brinke's credit cards, Rachelle lures Brinke to a convenient bog to get rid of her. Things don't entirely work out as planned, however.

The Princess and Java the Roast, Stefani Jaymes   388

The princess, in a costume that should be familiar to Star Wars fans, is trying to escape from Java, a blob-like creature, but ends up in Java's muddy clutches. Will helpful "Hands" arrive in time?

Frogosaurus, Rachelle Williams   372

Rachelle is a cave girl who tries to rest her tired feet in a pit of wet clay. She probes with a stick first to make sure the giant sucking Frogosaurus is not around, but it turns out to be around just the same.


Das Boots_Rhonda, Rhonda Starr   377

While hiking, Rhonda encounters a pair of boots stuck in a peat bog. She wants those boots! Unfortunately for her the boots want her.


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