Tales of Quicksand


Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Mudboarding, Nyssa Nevers and Stormy Night   385

Two spies on oppposite sides and a special "mudboarding" machine by which an enemy can be sucked under in a pit of quicksand or released at the touch of a button.



Kindle's Muddy Webcam, Kindle   390

Kindle does a muddy webcam routine while talking to her on-line audience.

Lucid Dream No.1_Crystal, Crystal Frost   391

Crystal is perlexed by wardrobe malfunctions while driving down an unknown dirt road until she figures out that she is dreaming. After that she simply decides that if she walks straight into the woods for fifty paces she will find quicksand right there. Sure enough, there it is.

Ooog, Natalie Minx and Nyxon   393

Natalie and Nyxon have been captured by Ooog's henchman and are taken to Ooog for some cross-species breeding experiments. Ooog has the appearance of a large pit of wet clay with a tiny head and eyes.

Blowgun Julie, Julie(2)   394

After being knocked unconscious by a poisoned blowgun dart, Julie wakes up suspended by the wrists in quicksand. Its only ankle deep, at first, but the vines keep stretching.

Psychic World Gumball Machine: Hunter and Hunted, Hannah Perez and Angelique Kithos   395

Angleique arrives at the JungleLand Bar and Grill and sees a gumball machine. Although warned by the ever chatting Fred that putting a quarter in the machine is not a good idea, she cannot resist. Instantly she vanishes and re-appears in the jungle. There she is promptly met by Hannah. Hannah is delighted to see her hunter and insists on stripping to the waist before she is hunted by Angelique. She even provides Angelique with a spear and requests to have only five minutes head start instead of ten. Angelique follows reluctantly and eventually watches while Hannah sinks herself in quicksand and refuses all offers of help. Then, suddenly, Angelique is nearly hit by an arrow and realizes she has nnow become the hunted.

Das Boots_Mandy, Mandy    398

Mandy plays a hiker who encounters a pair of very nice boots stuck in a peat bog. She tries to  rescue them but is soon stuck herself.

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