Adventures in Quicksand Land 1

Finally, at long last, Adventures in Quicksand 1 is here, starring the one and only Lock Ness. Five complete video stories written by Fred588 and Nessie herself, and all filmed at Studio 588. Below are synopses of the five stories.

The Hiker

A young woman likes to hike, but she is also something of a bird watcher. She also doesn't seem to recognize that a rope strung across a trail means 'keep out.' Distracted by a rare bird she fails to notice the warning sign for the "Dismal Swamp." She ultimately encounters TWO bogs on this one.

The Bird Hunter

Dressed in cammo, a novice (to say the least) hunter hikes through the woods to the edge of the marsh, where she is supposed to meet Fred for a hunting lesson. Fred is notoriously unreliable, of course, and fails to show up. At first things go fairly well, even though she does not know how to operate her shotgun and does not know she should shoot at birds out over the marsh and not in the woods (e.g. with her back to the marsh). The shotgun, being a shotgun, packs a pretty good recoil and the results are pretty much inevitable.

Perimeter Violation

A young woman with a thing for mud has heard about Studio 588 and decides to sample the clay pit for herself one night. She is observed breaking through the electric perimeter fence by the security system but the night watchman is a bit on the elderly side and doesn't move as quickly as he did during the first war. Although there is no nudity anywhere on this DVD, this is one of the most sensuous scenes you are ever going to see.

The Hidden Jungle

Jane is exploring the garden of the fairly modern house she shares with Tarzan when she finds a note from Tarzan. He has gone off with a box of vital medicine and will return as soon as possible for a second box he needs to deliver to villages in the other direction. He warns her not to attempt to deliver the medicine herself. "The jungle is MUCH too dangerous." Some time later Jane hears a message on the jungle telegraph (drums) that the illness is worse, and begging Tarzan to come. Needless to say, Jane ignores the warning and starts off through the jungle with the medicine. Sure enough, the jungle is hostile and dangerous, and Jane encounters a spider, a giant insect-like thing, and a snake on a branch. In her panic she runs full speed right into a quicksand pit. Buy the video to see if Tarzan arrives in time or if this is the end of Jane.

Interview with a Quicksand Girl

Nessie and Fred's gumball machine appear in a puff of smoke in the Cantina Patio of Studio 588 and Nessie is interviewed by Fred about her long time interest in quicksand. Anyone (ok everyone likely to be reading this) will be amazed how her answers will parallel those they would probably give themselves. Toward the end she describes her fantasy about the kind of outfit she would most like to sink in, a fancy princess gown.  Written by Nessie herself.

No stills were taken.

Trashing a White Dress

Nessie carries out the fantasy described in her interview. In this scene the scene actually runs twice, back to back.

No stills were taken.

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