Adventures in Quicksand Land 2

Here are five more stories of adventure in quicksand land, plus two 'commercials' we'd all like to see on TV. All starring the one and only Loch Ness and with a few extremely minor, mostly off camera supporting roles by Fred 588. 

Not My Day

Her day starts out badly and gets worse and worse. After running out of gas, she attempts to hike across the forest to where she believes there is a gas station. Along the way she has encounters with quicksand, quick clay, and a peat bog. Obviously she manages to escape from the first two, but what will happen in the last. It just isn't her day.

The Sinking News

This is the news like you have never seen it, although the idea is modeled after something equally outrageous you may have seen. Here, the newscasters report the news of the day while sinking. And yes, we mean really sinking,..... as in all the way under.


Quicksand has appeared in commercials before, but here it is a significant element. We present two commercials, one for laundry detergent and one for shampoo.


This one is really different. Watch this one and YOU become the victim. You know what you did, so, well,.... you deserve what happens. 


This scene should carry a warning to view it only while sitting down. This is a nightmare tale of witches stirring up a muddy stew.


An erotic tale of a young women who sneaks into an abandoned quarry to take advantage of a very erotic, not to mention deep, clay pit. The owner (we assume) has placed a scarecrow right in front of the pit. Maybe there are crows with a thing for mud in the area. Does the scarecrow have a streak of the voyeur in it, or perhaps something more sinister. Surprise ending!


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