It's Quicksand! (Volume 4)

The 2007 season continues with six more scenes and several more mock commercials. This release marks approximately the half-way point for material resulting from the 2007 shoots.

Featured Scenes

Carla's First Time 32

 Carla (who looks astonishingly like Taylor) ventures to Studio 588 to experience quicksand for the "first" time. She makes remarkable progress for a rookie. 

Das Boots - Brinke 33

 The saga of the stuck boots continues. This time its Brinke who finds the boots.... Or do the boots find Brinke?... or maybe the bog uses the boots to catch Brinke?

Justice Can Be Muddy 34

Taylor has a play for disposing of the body after a cold-blooded murder. Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men,..... er, women,.... 


Pirates of the Amazon 35

 The river pirates of the Amazon seem to be engaged in a constant struggle for who is the leader. Starring Brinke, Taylor, and Damien.

Taylor's Daydream Fantasy 36

 Taylor plays a quicksander who regularly visits her favorite mud pit to daydream her fantasy.


Get the Time Right 37

 A model arrives at Studio 588 for a quicksand shoot, only to find there is no one around. She has the right place and the right day, just the wrong month.


Bonus Material

This DVD also features a number of mock ads and/or one-liners for your entertainment.

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