It's Quicksand!    Volume 6

Volume six marks the transition between the 2007 and 2008 season. Two stories are from 2007 and four are from 2008. There are still a few more to come from 2007 so the transition will take place over several releases still to come.

The Chase 44

Taylor is fleeing from someone. She does everything she can to cover her trail. Fortunately for her she does not succeed.

Torrid's Sink Tease 45

Torrid does her interpretation of the Sink Tease.  HOT!

Thunderstorms Can Be Dangerous 46

Debby Paige is out on a hike, but she has not really prepared for it very well. Then it starts to thunder and rain. She gets soaked. Then she falls into a peat bog. She gets out and things get even worse.

There Were No Survivors 47

Norma gee has survived a plane crash in the jungle. But not for long.

Tiny Bubbles 48

After a hard day's work, Stefani goes to her favorite mud pit to relax. She know that the bubbles that sometimes rise from its depths can render the pit dangerous, but the mud just feels SOOOOO good. In fact it feels even better when the bubbles flow. Hot!

The White Robe Strikes 49

Dark Dementia and Taylor pop into the Sinking Island Cantina for a drink. Soon the White Robe appears. Although warned not to, Dark Dementia puts on the robe and, alas, listens to what it has to say.


This DVD also features a number of mock ads and/or one-liners for your entertainment.

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