It's Quicksand!   Volume 5

Volume 5 features seven new chapters; six scenes and a slide show for extra value.

Carjack 38

Brinke encounters two victims (Taylor and Damien) of a mechanical failure of their car and offers to help. It turns out to be a carjacking. See what happens.

The Thermophyllic Biology of Volcanic Mud Pots 39

Taylor is a graduate student in biology. Professor Brinke has Taylor take some samples from a volcanic mud pot that is home to different varieties of thermophillic bacteria, [Anyone who has been to the Paint Pots at Yellowstone will know these are very real.] The professor warns Taylor to use her gas mask to avoid breathing the potentially hallucinogenic fumes emitted by the mud pot, but students never listen.

Damien's Sink Tease 40

Damien does her interpretation of the "Sink Tease" for you.

A Serendipitous Discovery 41

Taylor has an unexpected encounter with quicksand while out hiking. It turns out to be a better experience than she thinks at first.

Criminals 42

Remember the TV show "Cops?" This is our spoof of it. The "Criminals" TV show has a camera operator go along with criminals in action.

Stefani's Daydream Fantasy 43

Stefani goes to her favorite mud pit for a leisurely wallow, then her sinking fantasy takes over. She's on trial for witchcraft.... trial by mire.

Selected Slides from 2007

This chapter is a slide show comprised of selected images taken during shooting in the 2007 season.

This DVD also features a number of mock ads and/or one-liners for your entertainment.

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