It's Quicksand!

volume 7

Six entirely new scenes with roughly 138 minutes running time. Five scenes are from the 2008 season and one from 2007. Volume 7 is the first to include, as a bonus, a collection of still image files containing full-resolution pictures taken during Stormy's Night Photo Shoot. These image files will be readable only on a computer but the video scenes should play on any DVD player.

Stormy's Night Photo Shoot (starring Stormy Night) 51

Stunning model Stormy Night comes to Studio 588 for a nighttime photo shoot in quicksand.

Sami's Daydream Fantasy (starring Sassy Sami) 52This fantasy daydream starts out as a terrifying nightmare involving vicious pirates and a plank over a quicksand pit, but soon transforms into something quite different. 

Das Boots, Again  (starring Stefani Jaymes and Kahlua) 53

The weird case of das boots strikes again. This time Stefani and Kahlua discover the boots. Both manage to get stuck in the treacherous peat bog. After a struggle they actually manage to dislodge the boots and then themselves.... for a while at least.

A Cry from the Mud. 54

A young woman is awakened by a cry from "baby". It can't be "baby" but she searches the woods behind her house in desperation. Turns out it is "baby," but baby isn't what you might expect. Reminiscent of "7 days to live."

Julie's First Time (starring Julie Simone) 55

Julie Simone experiences quicksand for the first time at Studio 588.

Slide Show from Stormy's Night Photo Shoot (starring Stormy Night) 56

See above for some sample stills.

ALSO!    Bonus Stills (nearly 200 high resolution still images of Stormy's Night Photo Shoot, readable on a computer only.)


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