It's Quicksand!

Volume 8

Six entirely new scenes with roughly 138 minutes running time, all from the 2008 season. This volume also includes several mock commercials and one-liners during its transition plus a large number of files containing full-resolution pictures taken during Torrid's Night Photo Shoot. These image files will be readable only on a computer but the video scenes should play on any DVD player.

The Red Pitcher Plant (Starring Brinke Stevens). 58

Brinke plays a botanical scientist seeking the very rare Red Pitcher Plant. No specimen has ever been successfully transplanted from the wild. She finds the plant, and its even in bloom. But can she collect it.... or will it collect her?

Double or Nothing (starring Stormy Night and Norma gee) 59

Stormy and Norma play bank robbers returning to the swamp a year after a big heist to recover their hidden loot. Stormy has a plan to double the size of her share.

Yellow Flower and the Little White Bears (Starring Debby Paige). 60

Debby plays a 60's hippie out gathering wild edibles for her commune. Unwisely, she eats one of the mushrooms she has gathered. Suddenly she starts seeing little white bears.... hundreds of them. 

The Invention of Writing (Starring Julie Simone and Sassy Sami). 61

Cave girl Sami has discovered a way to record information, on clay tablets. She also has found a large source of clay to make tablets with. They get a little too excited about the idea, however, while going to see the big clay supply. Dialogue for this scene is entirely in genuine cave girl language, with English subtitles.

sample screen caps coming

Torrid's Photo Shoot (Starring Torrid). 62

Lovely Torrid comes to Studio 588 for a quicksand-themed photo shoot. The weather was not the only thing hot that day.

Slides from Torrid's Photo Shoot. 63

Selected still images from Torrid's Photo Shoot, arranged into a slide show. Note that this disk also contains unreduced jpg files of all of the images shown in the slide show.

This disk also contains 2 or 3 mock commercials or one-liners during each scene transition.


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