It's Quicksand!

Volume 9

The Faked Suicide 65

Debbie plays a woman who is about to fake a suicide by quicksand as a way of escaping from a few debts and obligations. Her plan goes very well,...... for a while.

The Invention of Alcohol 66

Brinke Stevens plays a cave girl who is the first to discover the secret of alcohol fermentation. She discovers some fermenting blue fruit and eats quite a bit of it. Needless to say she gets quite drunk. This scene is responsible for the world-famous slogan, "Don't drink and wander around in a swamp."

Escape from Hell 67

Norma has escaped from the brutal woman's prison and from Stormy, the sadistic guard, by pretending to be ill and getting sent to the infirmary. Now she faces the horrors of the surrounding jungle. Before long she has been bitten by mosquitos infested with a hallucination-inducing disease. And then its quicksand. In the mire she falls into a fever-induced sleep and has a pretty good time in the mud before waking up just in time to go under. Based, extremely loosely, on "The Bridge at Owl Creek."


Das Boots - Julie 68

Another installment in the Das Boots saga. This time its the spectacular Julie Simone who happens upon the notorious boots. 

Escape from Hell Sequel 69

Stormy is an extremely sadistic prison guard searching after the escaped Norma. But Stormy soon finds herself attacked by all sorts of jungle terrors: bees, ants, spiders, a snake, arrow-shooting natives, and finally quicksand.

Why There are Not Many Clowns Anymore (Available for On-line purchase)70

Stefani plays a clown, a hominoid species that today is extremely rare. This scene explains a little-known aspect of clown behavior that goes a long way toward explaining why they are rare. Due to a shortage of crew at the time, no still were shot during filming of this scene. However, the following a screencaps taken from the fully edited scene.

Muddy Breasts Slide Show (Available for on-line purchase) 71

A slide show, complete with an original music background, featuring 160 stunning photographs of muddy models.


The DVD contains full-resolution copies of all 160 images in the slide show. These files will be readable by computer but not by DVD players

This disk also contains 3 or 4 mock commercials or one-liners (19 in all) during each scene transition.

The price for this video is $35.00 plus shipping, with the later dependent on the destination. 

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