Tales of Quicksand

Volume 1

Zenda and Calli (Available for On-line purchase) 72

Zenda (Debby Paige) is an indestructible super heroine. Calli (Stefani Jaymes) is pretty much the same except on the dark side. Calli is insanely jealous of Zenda is is perfectly willing to suffer a horrible fate so long as she destroys Zenda in the process. Sound familiar?

The White Robe at Sinking Island 74

This scene starts out at the Sinking Island Cantina, including Fred588, Fred's cat, SirNetwork, and Torrid. Then the infamous white robe floats by and Torrid cannot resist putting it on. The unfortunate Torrid tries to take some rays in a sandy spot she finds but soon has an encounter with a huge snake and then quicksand. This scene marks the first video appearance of the new pit at Studio 588.


Das Boots - Dark Dementia 75

The evil boots claim another victim in this continuing series.

Dee's First Time 76

Dark Dementia's first encounter with deep mud at Studio 588.

Sassi Sammy's Sink Tease 77

Sassy Sami does her interpretation of a Sink Tease for your viewing pleasure. 

Drunk and Disorderly (Available for On-line purchase) 78

Taylor has been partying and has had (and continues to have) a good deal too much to drink. The lesson in this story is, "Do not drink and wander around in a swamp." While this scene was shot mostly using two cameras and edited as such, it was so well acted that the concluding 5 minutes could have been used without any editing whatsoever.



This disk also contains 3 mock commercials or one-liners (15 in all) during each scene transition. Also, this disk includes more than 100 full-resolution still (some shot at 12 mP) images taken during shooting. These images will be readable by computer only.

The price for this video is $35.00 plus shipping, with the later dependent on the destination. 

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