Tales of Quicksand

Volume 2


Drunk 79

Starring Stefani Jaymes. Stefani's friends have taken her car keys when she has a bit too much to drink. In an angry huff she stomps off to try to walk home. One should not try to cross a swamp while drunk.

Taken after the scene ends

Feeding the Cat (Available for On-line purchase) 80

Starring Norma gee. Norma goes to a friend's house to feed the cat while the owners are awaay. She has strict instructions to not let the cat out. It gets out anyway and leads her straight into quicksand.

Cave Girls Gone Wild (Available via download) 81

Starring Julie Simone and Sassy Sami. Two cave girls discover some very good-tasting fruit in a hollow tree. Unfortunately for them it has fermented and they get very drunk. When they discover a mud pit a few minutes later they just hop right in.

The SI Spa 82

Starring Stormy Night. Stormy is a client at Sinking Island. She goes to a mud spa complete with a big lever that controls the flow of bubbles. When a tree falls over and pushes the lever to maximum the mud loses whatever buoyancy it had. Inspired by a suggestion from Sakura inverse.

Goldi and the Three Beers 83

Starring Taylor. Taylor visits the Sinking Island Cantina and orders three beers before going off to explore the island. She encounters a bog after each beer, and the third one is just right.

The Vampire Possum (Available for On-line purchase) 84

Starring Stefani Jaymes. Directed by Duncan Edwards. A TV reporter enlists Stefani to help him get some film of the elusive Vampire Possum. Things don't go quite as planned but the possum does eventually turn up.


This disk also contains 3 mock commercials or one-liners (15 in all) during each scene transition. 

The price for this video is $35.00 plus shipping, with the later dependent on the destination. 

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