Tales of Quicksand

Volume 3

Now Available!

Stormy's Sink Tease (Available for On-line purchase) 85

Starring Stormy Night. Stormy's very hot version of the classic sink tease.

Execution by Quicksand 86

Starring Debbie Paige. Debbie suffers execution by means of quicksand. Very dramatic.

Drunk at the Island Resort 87

Starring Brinke Stevens. Brinke visits the island resort and gets drunk before wandering down one of the trails to the inevitable quicksand pit.

Julie's Daydream Fantasy 88

Starring Julie Simone. Julie daydreams an erotic quicksand fantasy.

No stills were taken during filming of this scene.

The Political Debate 89

Starring Brinke Stevens and Stefani Jaymes.  Brinke and Stefani disagree on just about everything, and cannot stop arguing even on a hike. Their verbal argument turns to mud slinging when they arrive at a mud pit and even after they fall in. Very humorous and with a message a lot of real politicians might benefit from.

Normagee's Night Photo Shoot 90

Starring Normagee. Normagee does a night time, quicksand-themed photo shoot at Studio 588.

Slideshow: Normagee's Night Photo Shoot 91

Starring Normagee. Selected slides resulting from the night photo shoot described above.


All the still photos taken during the photoshoot, including those not used in the slide show above, are included on the DVD (as computer-readable jpg files) in full resolution.


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