Tales of Quicksand

Volume 37

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Stefani's Muddy Webcam, Stefani Jaymes   331

Stefani does her interpretation of a sexy webcam routine, but with a mudpit.

The Evil Landlord, Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   335

Rachelle plays the owner of a condominium who is suddenly confronted with a homeowner's association fine for using a hose instead of a bucket and sponge to wash her car, and for arousing the ducks in the duckpond.

Breaking and Sinking, Brittany   336

While Fred is away on an airport run, Brittany sneaks in to have some fun in the Studio 588 peat pit.

Rachelle's First Time, Rachelle Williams   337

Rachelle's introduction to deep mud and quicksand scenes.

Manchester's Sink Tease, Manchester   338

Manchester does her interpretation of a sink (and strip) tease.

Pirate Initiation, NormaGee   339

NormaGee wants to join a band of pirates. For that she has to prove she trusts the other pirates by entering a pit  of quicksand. They tell her they will pull her out but only after she has gone completely under.

Costume Party Disaster, Stormy Night    342

Stormy is on her way to a costume party when she runs out of gas on an isolated, dirt road.

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