Tales of Quicksand

Volume 39

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Blowgun_Hannah, Hannah Perez  347

Hannah  is supposed to meet a photographer for a photo shoot but instead is shot with a poisoned blowgun. When she wakes up she is suspended by a vine in a pit of deep mud.

Drunk_Dixie, Dixie Comet   349

Dixie has had WAY too much to drink to be out wandering in the jungle. There is quicksand out there.

Rite of Passage_Candle, Candle Boxxx   350

Candle is a member of a tribe who has reached the point where she must endure a rite of passage. She has to render herself unconscious with a concoction of plant sap and ant venom and when she awakes she will face a life-threatening situation. She doesn't know what the test is, but we do.

Hiker and Old Man, Stefani Jaymes   351

Out hiking, Stefani encounters an ancient old man who warns her several times (he thinks her memory is as bad as his) to not go off the trail. Does she listen? of course not!

Lucid Dream #1_Sassy Sami, Sassy Sami   352

Afer a perplexing series of wardrobe malfunctions while driving on a lonely road, Sassy finally figures out she is dreaming. Then she decides to take advantage of the fact by finding some quicksand.

You'll Never Sink in this Town Again,  Brinke Stevens and Stefani Jaymes   353

Stefani is a rookie actress and steals some photos of veteran Brinke as a prank.A chase ensues and leads each into quicksand.

The Greek Queen, Torrid    355

Queen Torrid has been fooling around with one of her guards and the King has found out about it. Now she is wanted. Running away from others while in a quicksand swamp is not a good idea.

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